2016 is the year G-Star RAW celebrates the 20th anniversary of the iconic G-Star Elwood 5620 jeans. And I helped with the festivities!


Head Designer of the firm, Pierre Morisset, found inspiration from a passing motorcyclist in the South of France. This was in 1996, and so the original G-Star Elwood 5620 was born.
Representing the core of the brand’s DNA, this is a symbol of innovation since it was the first design created using the 3D Denim method of construction. Despite evolving with time, to become one of the most recognised denim designs of today, the G-Star Elwood 5620 has retained the five key elements that make it instantly identifiable – its knee patches, 3D shaping knee darts, saddle patch, heel guards, and slanted thigh seams. Paying tribute to this amazing design and always conteporary style, a few days ago I got to be a stylistfor G-star RAW, together with some top fashion influencers. The result was very IIWT. As for the process?

DSC_1982 12002023_Elwood_Pierre_006 2

Very entertaining and super fashionable: G-Star RAW in Athens asked the editors in chief of all the major international magazine titles, plus digital media darlings, to create their own G-Star outfits, having Elwood as the base of their creation. Each one of us got to play dress up with one boy and one girl. Our very own models were photographed in a fabulus pop up studio on the second floor of The Mall Athens, right where the G-Star store is located. Some editors also played models themselves, interpreting G-Star and Elwood through their own personal style. Dj Xenia Ghaliposed as well, right before she took her place on the decks and pumped up the volume with all of G-Star RAW’s friends who came in to party, celebrating 20 years of unique style and the 3DElwood denim.