17 beauty essentials



17 beauty essentials every man should own

Words by Eleni Papaioannou

The time when male grooming consisted of a quick shave and a few drops of lotion is now, thank god, a thing of the past. Today, the triplet «radiant complexion-relaxed look-perfect hair» is not only considered necessary but has also become a reality thanks to sur mesure compositions, suitable exclusively for the needs of men’s skin. Due to the different structure of male skin, it may seem more durable but in fact, when aging signs suddenly make their appearance, they have the tendency to become stronger and deeper. Since the Movember movement (Mustache plus November) launched in 2003 inviting men all over the world to grow a pampered mustache in order to demand information on male health issues, men have slowly and stedily become more interested in grooming. Considering the fact that stress, air pollution and lifestyle radically affects the skin, the man of the 21st century is now free from prejudices and demands his own beauty case.


Korres, Cedar Men’s Colour Treatment

Gray hair, as reported in a recent New York Times article, has become the new trend. According to the survey of the newspaper, some people pay up to $ 350 in New York City salons to dye their hair gray. Gray exhudes charm, experience, sophistication, and it is considered one of the dominant male characteristics. For the perfect gray, this new Korres product is specially designed to offer the perfect tone-on-tone color that will cover white and gray hair to create the perfect gray effect. Adapted to your natural hair color, highlighting the charm of gray tones, this product has the unique composition. Thanks to the cold gray accents of the dye, red hues are avoided so you can achieve the perfectly cool gray look.