A perfect weekend


A perfect weekend

Photos Lefteris Siarapis
Styling Vivian Rouvela
Words Eleni Papaioannou

The art of packing has reached its peak expression, here at IIWT!

You have been packing a suitcase since you can remember. So, try to think if there ever was a time you took with you less items than you should have. Kind of rare, right? We usually tend to think we might need everything in our closet, when we pack our bags for a weekend away. “What if I need my college sweater?” “What if the occasion calls for long swim trunks?” are just some of the pointless questions we pose to ourselves, ending up with more clothes than we need and, sometimes, items we never wear at home.

Packing smartly is very close to preparing your meals before you get hungry. When you don’t know where you will be during the day, you usually end up eating all the wrong things. But if you have planned your meals and take them with you, covering all your needs before you leave the house, you got yourself a proper diet. Same goes with your weekend outfits. Packing up anything you think you may need is like deciding to eat from a buffet. Only, in this case, you take the whole buffet with you.

· So set your clothes by placing them on a flat surface and try to figure out ways of combining them in order to have a day-long look.
· A stripped shirt can look good with Bermuda shorts and then become upgraded over a nice pair of khakis.
· A white shirt is usually a lifesaver and a bold colored pair of trousers can become a statement piece to fit any situation.
· Try to envision your weekend and you’ll see that you won’t need more than three pairs of shoes: brogues, trainers and sandals will do the trick. The less the shoes, the lighter the carry-on.