“Icons are everywhere. In all facets of life. They can be subjects, objects, patches on Earth. When put together, icons form an immense imagescape open to multiple interpretations. Fascinated by this, I thought of the three things that inspire me the most: Fashion, Journeys and Interesting people. And then came In Icons We Trust. With a blend of men-targeted style photo shoots, pictures of journeys around the world and inspirational works of people I admire, this website goes out to all those dapper, curious, well-travelled men that can’t help the urge to acquire”.

Harris Davlas


An exclusively fashion-oriented column for men that reflects my personal style. From dress-code formulas to top editor picks and brand briefs, this is where all-time classics get a twist. Stay connected.


Taking pictures during my travels started mechanically, out of a pure necessity to capture the «here & now» of each unique adventure. With time, the habit matured along with the photographer. It was just me and the camera aiming to capture not only the moment, but the whole vibe surrounding it. These vibes grew in numbers. And grew to more than 6000 photos collected from long stays or single days in various destinations such as countries, cities, hotels and other places of interest.

Creative envy

People from different countries and various fields whose works I admire ethically and creatively. Individuals -with visionary cravings- who seize the day with a constant passion and a galloping imagination. I got to know them throughout the years and in their works I see life and inspiration, among many other things.