The House of Metaxa introduces the world to a dynamic alliance between AEN METAXA, the jewel of the House & Dimitris Tsigos, the internationally renowned designer who embodies contemporary Greek innovation at its best. EVERNESS, his artistic definition of AEN METAXA, is a cutting edge sculpture that brings forward a modern and ingenious translation of a pure classic. This remarkable piece of art is a collector’s item that cherishes the decanter it embraces, to complement the exquisite experience it is made for.Today, the House of Metaxa is breathing the new into the treasured, the exquisite into the unique. This is AEN.The endlessness of forever…

EVERNESS is the expression of an authentic Greek talent, meeting and engaging with an archetypical myth. It carries with it the genius DNA of this remarkable young talent, producing a catalyst that brings past and present in a creative embrace of Greek excellence, looking to the future.


Dimitris Tsigos accepted the challenge of creating an artistic translation for AEN, fascinated by this unique spirit.

The story of the House of Metaxa motivated and inspired him to accept the iconic House’s invitation. For him, this was a call to visually interpret the METAXA heart and soul he admired since his early years: “It would almost be hard to conceive, in contemporary terms, the story of a House starting out in this corner of the world, and gaining global fame and recognition”, he says.

From his very first encounter with METAXA, Dimitris could sense a rush of warmth and energy, a feeling of being at home. EVERNESS became a labor of love, as he felt that he co-designed the sculpture together with the people of the House.

“We created a cutting-edge piece, very high in emotional value, a visual parenthesis around the AEN experience. EVERNESS is there to support the feelings created by AEN, to express the experience that comes with this rare spirit. This need came out of sharing the same creative approach with the House of Metaxa”, recollects the designer.

Being an artist who loves working with his hands and is in tune with his impulse, his intuitive approach to the design of the statue embracing the decanter of AEN METAXA was that of minimal aesthetics, conveyed by the cutting edge, tangent trend of biomimetism. AEN inspired him to revive elements and movements found in nature, to create a model by following the whirl of the precious liquid. Eternal movement, a symbol of forever, this is his rendition of the flow of rejuvenation within the AEN liquid, an ever charged, eternal life.

The color chosen for EVERNESS respects the multidimensional nature of the spirit’s deep and warm palette: “Depending on how you look at it, AEN can become a mahogany red, or a bright bronze gold. The color of EVERNESS is here to capture this complexity, this play with the light, and to complement this ever changing, always evolving visual”, quotes Dimitris.

And so, the past inspires the future; the now infuses new life to forever. This is the enchanting narrative behind EVERNESS. For there and then, for now, forever.

The Forever living heart of METAXA.

“AEN is unsurpassed, something universally outstanding”.

(Dimitris Tsigos)


There is one cask that stands out in the cellars of the House, Cask No 1, thatcarries a treasured patrimony. The exceptional liquid inside this limousine oak wood cask, from the family of original casks coming from the first distillery in Piraeus, is made of more than 200 different blends that have spent over eighty years evolving and maturing.

Metaxa Master Costas Raptis is fifth in a row of men of singular talent who have carefully tended to Cask N°1. Costas is the one who authorized the release of the heart of METAXA in its purest form. So, AEN METAXA has come to be.

AEN is the ancient Greek word for “forever” and this, the forever-living spirit of METAXA, is now a gift to be shared with the world.

The liquid of Cask No 1, a tribute to Spyros Metaxa, reveals complex, sophisticated aromas of oak, dried fruits and a freshly opened box of cigars. These are the aromas the Metaxa Master discovered with his first sip of the precious liquid of Cask No 1. He could also clearly distinguish that first Muscat wine used by Spyros Metaxa. Old and mature, its aroma had not faded, instead giving the blend a rich, deep palate. The old cask had enhanced the concentration of the dark amber liquid inside, protecting its core. It was like tasting, once more, the wild honey Costas had enjoyed as a young man in his father’s village: dry and condensed, refined but intense. Then there were dried figs, with dense flavor and aroma, spices and beautifully roasted nuts. This concentrated and enriched palate is precisely what age brings to flavor, what history brought to AEN, what AEN brings to the world.