All American



All American

Photographer: Panos Davios
Styling: Harris Davlas
Words by Eleni Papaioannou

Fancy my outfits? Well, they are simply expressions of The Bostonians in me…

I am Greek according to my passport, Italian according to my friends, when they describe my style, but totally American in anything else: My mentality, work ethics and deep love for entrepreneurial adventures. What I love about American style, that makes me turn my back on my European influences, is the ease and comfort you can find in the most stylish of outfits. You see, you don’t have to be uptight in order to look fabulous (I stole this word from my American friends, I find it is totally fitting here).


The trick is to discover the best supplier of great quality and immaculate design. I found my American mentor in The Bostonians, a brand that knows all about comfort and ease and has the knack to present it in the form of this winter’s key items: Warm and cozy sweaters, jean and flannel shirts, soft cotton polo shirts and T’s, parkas and leather jackets. Whenever I feel my formal side kicking in, I just rely on The Bostonians’ fine collection of tailored pieces, with my favorites being their impeccable dress-shirts. As for their accessories? Well, that’s where all the fun begins!


Photo 1 & 2
· 100% wool knitted polo shirt & cotton blend trousers
Photo 3
· Shawl-collar cable knit cardigan, cotton chinos, fitted shirt &knitted tie,
Photo 4
· Striped Wool Sweater, cotton chinos & Slim-Fit Cotton-Poplin Shirt

All items by The Bostonians, available at selected stores.