Amazing Grays


Amazing Grays

Photos Panos Davios
Styling Sofia Tsakiri
Words By Eleni Papaioannou

This is the monochrome look of the future and you are already in it.

Anyone who has dabbled in minimalism, back in the nineties when everyone else was playing with paisley prints and geometries, knows the power of the Japanese sartorial mentality: fine lines, clean cuts, a single color to back up the outfit, maybe some white thrown in with the black and the proper sizing to create a result that looks totally tailor made, if not a second skin.

Fast-forwarding to the here and now, it is safe to say you have been through some changes, tests and experiments, fashion-wise. Your references have been toned down, your choices have been made wiser and the sense that you know exactly what best suits you is now a walk in the park. So it is not uncommon for you to invest in an outfit such as this one that combines the monochrome minimalism of a fashion guru with the soft elegance of a fantastic color in a totally new interpretation. What you need to achieve this look of sublime serenity is a few key points to follow:

· Adding a little bit of white makes the look far more interesting and layered the right way. Just a simple t-shirt, tucked inside your trousers underneath your knitted jumper, will suffice. Don’t even think of putting on a business shirt, or you will loose the whole meaning.
· Your shoes must be a darker shade, be it brown or black, but it is wise to choose a soft textured leather pair with a little playful detail, such as the white soles on these lace-up brogues.
· When you are confident enough to let your style shine through simple choices, you have to be sure your clothes are of the best quality. Don't sell yourself short and embrace soft cottons and luxurious wools for that extra touch of calm elegance.
· This is your perfect chance to put on that favorite minimal watch you have been keeping for the right time. A monochrome, soft look is the best backdrop for this bright metallic “Skinsteps” piece by Swatch.


Grey Wool Suit Tommy Hilfiger Tailored, Premium Cotton Cardigan And Leather Brogues, All By Tommy Hilfiger, Available at Tommy Hilfiger Store/Golden Hall.
Matte Grey “Sk”nsteps” W”tch With Adjustable Brushed Stainless Steel Bracelet From The Skin Collection By Swatch Available at The Swatch Group Greece S.A,