anếr swimwear // SS 17

anếr swimwear // SS 2017 collection

Check out the new cool Greek brand, inspired by mythology!

anếr, the ideal man, the hero of ancient Greece, intelligent, brave, athletic, ready for muthical adventures, monsters, real or fictional, and the unpredictable sea, becomes this summer’s inspiration for a line of swimwear, influenced by patterns of mythological content (Centaurs, Argo of the Argonauts campaign, the Minotaur etc.), printed with contemporary graphic design in modern combinations, ready for the beautiful beaches and cosmopolitan swimming pools of Greece and also the world….

Finest-quality materials, tested under the toughest conditions, in flattering designs for any body type, made with soft Italian lycra, this is the obvious choice for men with a clear fashion sense and a strong sartorial identity.

The collection is also available in small sizes, so that father and son can share the same adventures. Yes, you got it right; this is the ideal gift from a woman or mother who sees her men as mythical heroes!

anếr swimsuits are available in selected boutiques and resorts all over the world.