Big softie


Big softie

Photos Panos Davios
Styling Sofia Tsakiri
Words By Eleni Papaioannou

Rock in soft colors with bold personalities.

A misunderstanding that has been going around for ages talks about pale colors being the ideal palette for “soft” outfits with simple characters and almost invisible impacts on their fashion environment. If you think you can hide behind a pale suit, think again, and then take a good look at the outfit we put together for today’s story. It certainly does not walk by unnoticed. On the contrary, if you come to think of it, everything on it demands attention, in the most, however, subtle way!

· A soft gray suit can be your perfect first try on playful plaids, as the thin lines of your pattern are almost not there. Only when you really focus or come close to the fabric, you get to appreciate this lovely sartorial surprise. And a suit that can offer you a second reading deserves a place in your wardrobe.
· One more thing about the suit. Such pale colors look great on crisp, thin fabrics. We can’t stress enough how important it is to find the appropriate fabric for each suit, even so if it falls under such refined color categories.
· This one, here, has the magic ability to keep you extremely warm, in its comfortable, 100% wool fabric, while paving the way for spring with its light gray color and endless, soft toned combinations!
· We love the color and feel of these leather brogues. They are neither brown nor camel; their tone is so distinctive that they need a bold and bright canvas such as this suit, to flourish in their fullest bloom.
· This is the perfect approach to an early spring, coming our way. Leave your darker choices behind you, drop the red and blue combos and save your stripped shirts for a warmer and less official occasion. Showing up in a pale suit at this time of year proves you are one step ahead of everyone else, plus you know your colors like the back of your hand. A man that is so confident about his look is the right guy for the job. Yes, any job.


3 Piece 100% Wool Suit, Cotton Shirt, Silk Knitted Tie And Leather
Brogues, all by Brooks Brothers,
Available at Brooks Brothers:
Stadiou 4 & Amerikis Str, City Link, tel 210 3225970 
Attica: Panepistimiou 9 Str, tel 211 1802880
Golden Hall: Kifisias Avenue 37A, tel 211 1814380
Attica Golden Hall: Kifisias Avenue 37A, tel 211 1814223


We would like to thank Evi Grintela for hosting us at her beautiful showroom. “The Shirtdress” is based on the idea of men’s high quality, well-cut shirts. Evi Grintela Karatza is a prominent luxury market professional with a long and successful career in magazines, as editor in chief in L’ Officiel Hellas, L’ Officiel Homme and L’ Officiel Travel, fashion and accessories director at Vogue Hellas and fashion and style director at Life & Style Magazine. Her own knowledge, combined with front – row views of the best fashion houses, have honed her craft that, together with her indisputable personal style, have concluded to this, the epitome of her creativity.