Blue moon


Blue moon

Photos Panos Davios
Styling Sofia Tsakiri
Words By Eleni Papaioannou

Can our favorite color carry its charm all the way through spring?

It has been the hottest color of the past season and you did more than right to invest in it. Blue is a classic by now, so no one can say you have been reckless in your choice. But, what does one do when the sun starts warming our days a little more, but you can still pull off the blue essentials you bought during the winter? The big question is, can you adjust your wardrobe to the climate without rushing towards summer looks and without dropping your winter clothes, just yet? What is the perfect balance between the two seasons? Today we give you a couple of tricks that will help you cleverly navigate your style through spring, dancing around your wardrobe like a busy spring bee!

· Drop your browns, burgundy’s and blacks but keep your blue jacket at arms reach. A wool choice is still a great one, but if you get one with a little polyester in it, you will enjoy a perfect fit.

· Combine it with your cotton shirt but let go of the tie and go for a silk pocket square in a pale or bright color, like this one right here that just makes your day doesn’t it?

· All winter long you have been wearing your blue jacket with blue or black trousers. Today, try it on with a white pair that will bring in a heavy dose of sunshine. Take good care of your white slacks, as you will need them all the way until September, for sure.

· Don’t abandon your brogues just yet but dare to wear them with bare feet. If you don’t feel ready yet, a clever trick is to wear socks that have deep-cut curves and can easily hide underneath any pair of shoes.


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