Creative envy




Words by Eleni Papaioannou

Followed by more than 57,300 people (until today, at least), his instagram feed is one of our favorites to browse for inspiration, with his symmetrical urban landscapes giving us a little escape from the mere reality they represent. Behind the username is a very interesting architect, Constantinos Spathis, and IIWT met up intellectually with him, in order to pick his brain and see where these amazing frames come out from.

What is your profession?
I’m an architect and a part of my work is photography.

When did you start taking photographs? Was it to help your work?
I started taken pictures with passion when instagram first showed up and it has ended up being a part of my job.

Have you always loved taking pictures? Even as a kid? Or did the need submerge when you became an architect?
I always had a connection with photography since I was a child. I started to use it more and specialized in the last years. Of course my studies played the basic role, because I started to see things differently and in a more “geometrical” way.

Your images look like architectural drawings. Would you snap something more free-flowing?
Geometry, symmetry, continuousness, patterns and minimalism are the basic characteristics of my shots. These features are the ones that inspire me and attract me the most. Free flowing is not my style but I accept that it is something inspirational and I do snap it but not to use it.

What compliments have you received through instagram?
There is a number of instagrammers that support me from the first days when my shots where not at the level they are today, and this is amazing to me. The most usual compliments have to do with the clearness and the different perspectives of a place, where they say to me that nobody else can catch that.

Have you been followed by someone who is, for you, a role model?
There are plenty of people whose work I love and I am lucky to say that we are friends on instagram and some of them I had the chance to meet and be also friends in real life.

When did you see a big surge in your followers?
The first time I realized this it was so new to me and it was when instagram placed me on the list of suggested users. That was three years ago. Nowadays I notice it more often.

Due to the populatiry of your feed, has anyone approached you to market any products online?
Yes, a lot of times.

Source of inspiration?
As I said before geometry, symmetry, continuousness, patterns and minimalism are the basic features that inspire me.

How do you look at the world? Do you see images in frames in your everyday life?
I will be honest, this is my everyday routine. Everywhere I am and everywhere I stand I look at things in a more symmetrical and geometrical vision.

The only human you depict, in your images, is your twin sister. Is this a way of mirroring yourself in your work?
My sister is my other half, we have the same experiences, we love each other and when we are together we do things in a very creative way. She is my muse.

Tell us how you ended up being featured on the cover of Athens Voice newspaper, this past summer.
It was a surprise and a great honor for me to be featured in the cover page of this newspaper. What happened was that the team of Athens Voice chose me for the summer issue.

Favorite architect? Designer? Photographer?
I distinguish a lot of people from the field of arts. From the history of art my favorite artist is Salvador Dali. At the field of architecture I most admire Koolhaas, Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid. From photographers/instagrammers I love the work of Konaction, Ana Sampaio Barros, Dirka and a lot of greek instagrammers.

Favorite work of art?
The temptation of St.Anthony, Salvador Dali.