Draw the line


Draw the line

Photos Panos Davios
Styling Sofia Tsakiri
Words By Eleni Papaioannou

Blue is the warmest color and it paints your days with vertical brushstrokes of pure genius.

You know we never need an excuse to wear blue, here at IIWT. The color with a thousand versions and tones can show off your more serious side, as easily as it can become the base upon which you will create a semi-formal outfit such as this one. If the fabrics are right and the combinations intelligent, creating a smart blue outfit is as easy as A-B(lue)- C.

· If you opt for a blazer made with soft cotton, you instantly got a number that can become an incredible transformer. Wear it with jeans or chinos and off you go for a morning coffee meeting, pair it with matching trousers and the afternoon suit of your dreams is right before you.
· Hackett London has these incredible stretch trousers that give you extra comfort and leg movement that make the perfect companion to a scooter riding businessman!
· As always, bet on accessories and you got yourself a winner. Take this stripped tie, for example. See how it brings everything together? Yes, of course it is knitted.
· The latest fashion trend in drinks loves fresh, bittersweet flavors that bring the perfect lift to your spirits, right after a long day at work, plus the color of their ingredients looks great when matched with casual chic outfits!

The Drink

Bitter Word

60ml Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva

20ml Monin Orgeat

10ml Maraschino liqueur

30ml fresh pink grapefruit juice

Put all ingredients together, over ice, and shake. Double strain in a low glass and garnish with a slice of grapefruit.


Blazer Jacket, Cotton Shirt And Stretch Cotton Trousers, All by Hackett London, Available at Shop&Trade.


42 Bar Athens

42 is the answer to the ultimate question of life, according to Douglas Adams A Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe. Located in an atmospheric alley, with a shady plane tree and an intimate interior space, this successful bar has become a favorite in Athens, from the first day it opened. Luxurious, classy and non smoking, this is a bar that set the standards for fine cocktail drinking in Greece. Signature creations, international bar food and a divine jazz, hip-hop and soul soundtrack, create a fascinating answer to any of life’s big questions.