Styling: Sofia Tsakiri
Photographer: Panos Davios
Words by Eleni Papaioannou

Be a fashion dare devil and match plaid with plaid, the British way.

There are so many ways tartan and plaid can become an eccentric suggestion, but there is simply no better way to honor checks by creating an assembly that is both pluralistic and quietly dapper. How can anyone resist this total look that resembles a perfectly set puzzle of squares, complementing each other to create a tableau vivant of British coolness?

· The first trick to follow here is to not overly concentrate on the patterns. Choose checks that are somehow incorporated to the fabric and resemble a backdrop theme rather than a front row screamer. The right way to go about this is to think whether the patterns will be visible from five meters afar. If not, you got it right.
· Fitting is of outmost importance: Your outfit needs to be loose, with a relaxed fit. All hail the wide legged trousers that seem to have a minor comeback appearance in 2017 (let’s hope to see more of this trend next year!)
· If you wish to keep things quiet, stay silent in the accessory department: a lovely tie is more than enough to wrap things up. Drop the pocket square, hide the watch, dismiss the glasses, if you do not want to complicate things (you don’t). If you do, however, plan to play the hard way, check out our suggestion an opt for a loud pocket square that seems to have landed all by itself, to offer wit and charisma to the look. See how this misfit brightens up the outfit?
· A good and sturdy base is necessary. These leather brogues are strong enough to support long days at the office, plus they play an important part in the total look by carrying their own plaid pattern. Once separated from this outfit, we can easily see them under some chinos with a cable knit sweater, or a thick navy coat and dark colored jeans.


Trench Coat, Check Wool Suit, Cotton Shirt, Silk Tie, Pocket Square And Leather Plaid Brogues, All by Brooks Brothers, Available at Brooks Brothers, 4 Stadiou Street & Golden Hall, 37A Kifissias Street.

Socks by Calzedonia.