Eye see you


Eye see you

Words by Eleni Skalkotou

Now it’s time for some eye-to-eye contact.

It doesn’t matter who or what is to blame. Be it your late night visit at the club, the football game that kept you up or the business proposal that you wrote till done, fatigue, or even those damn genes. With fewer sebaceous lipoadenes, about 15,000 blinks per day and being four to five times thinner, the skin surrounding the eyes is the most sensitive part of ​​the face.

Recent studies prove that the eyes get more attention than any other facial feature: Eye-tracking, a process that involves mapping and analysing the route of a person’s gaze, shows that the eyes attract 40% of attention , while the mouth and nose attract only 26% and 21% respectively. Thankfully, cosmetology has devoted some serious work on them!

Fine lines and wrinkles:

The physical stress of the expressions we make and the elasticity loss created by ageing skin are the main causes of wrinkles around the eyes. A good way to prevent this from happening is the systematic use of an anti-wrinkle eye cream which needs to be routinely applied morning and evening, with gentle movements.

Dark circles:

The problem is usually hereditary and has to do with the excessive concentration of melanin, but in some cases, stress, fatigue, polluted air and smoke slow microcirculation in the region, thus showing the color of blood vessels under the thin layer of the epidermis . We choose a cream with ingredients that fight dark circles like caffeine which helps to stimulate blood circulation. With tapping movements, starting from the inner corner of the eye and moving outwards, spread a small amount of cream (the size of a pearl) using your middle finger, as it is the one impossing the less pressure.


They are also usually hereditary, or are created due to lack of sleep or from water retention, but that does not mean we have to put up with them. You should know that, as we age, the tissue around our eyes, including some of the muscles that support the eyelids, become weakened causing the familiar swelling known as “bags”. Deal with the swelling with creams that contain decongestants and antiflamatory ingredients. While applying the cream, gently massage the area, as this will release the toxins that have been accumulated by the lymphatic system. An easy and simple advice is to keep your eye cream in the fridge. This will strengthen its results, and all the while, its cold temperature will soothe the swelling.


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