Fine and dandy


Fine and dandy

Photos Panos Davios
Styling Sofia Tsakiri
Words By Eleni Papaioannou

Tropical hues are starting to make subtle hints in your outfits. Are you ready for them?

What tells a great dresser apart? Is it the brand on his clothes, the way he plays with color and fabric, or the combinations he comes up with when opening up his wardrobe? We dare say “all of the above” and, most of all, a great demeanor, a way of wearing the clothes in a way they each serve their purpose, without standing out and making their own statement. In other words, when you wear the clothes and don’t let them wear you…

The outfit we have chosen today pays tribute to the beautiful, mid-war style of the edifice hosting Upupa Epops, the bar we chose to hang out in, after a very long working day full of hard decisions and fine time-tuning. A Molasses Daiquiri by Diplomatico Exclusiva in hand sets the tone of the evening, and the details channel the colonial style that comes out of this outfit:

· The Hopsack blazer: Hopsack is a type of weave that creates a cloth that is a bit coarser than others. This makes the blazer less formal and much more easy going. So, to call this one a sport coat is perfect and oh so fitting to the occasion.
· The Houndstooth Chinos: Sure, chinos are as stylish as they are casual and, this year, they are enjoying their moment in the sun. Wear the trend of the season with caution and play with different versions, like this houndstooth pair that carries an element of lovely surprise!
· The Derby shoes: You know we love them so, today, we will not talk about how good they look in a colonial-influenced style, but we will just stick to the color. See how they bring everything together? The olive-green blazer and tie, the light cream chinos, the white shirt? Yeah, we know you do.
· Pretty paisley: You cannot step out in a dandy outfit and leave your paisleys at home, you simply can’t. Where will your personality stand, how will you create that small and significant statement, if not on your pocket square?

THE DRINK: The Molasses Daiquiri

60ml Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva

30ml Monin Gomme

4 dashes fee brothers barrel aged bitters

2 dashes fee brothers Molasses bitters

25ml Lime fresh

Shake all the ingredients, fine strain in a cocktail glass and garnish with a lime wedge in coconut sugar.


Milano Fit Houndstooth Linen and Cotton Chinos, Regent Fit Two-Button Hopsack Sport Coat, Brown leather derby shoes, Floral Silk Tie, Paisley Pocket Square, Non-Iron Milano Fit Dress Shirt, All by Brooks Brothers, Available at Brooks Brothers Boutiques.

Βrooks Brothers Boutiques: 
Stadiou 4 & Amerikis Str, City Link. 
Attica:Panepistimiou 9 Str. 
Golden Hall /Attica Golden Hall:

Kifisias Avenue 37A, Marousi.


Upupa Epops
Upupa Epops is hosted in a mid-war (1930) three-house complex with a hidden yard, with a glass ceiling that allows it to be fully functional even during the cold winter months. Vintage aesthetics, retro decoration, fresh cocktails, delicious bar food by chef Costas Tsigas and great weekend brunches are all dressed with the best soundtrack.