Giorgio Armani


The new masculine olfactory signature by Giorgio Armani, EAU DE CEDRE is the fourth creation in the EAUX POUR HOMME range.

EAU POUR HOMME is the first men’s fragrance by Giorgio Armani. Luminous and serenely virile, it is the embodiment of the iconic Armani jacket – deconstructed and fluid. The jacket, a garment in evolution, its volume and material play an essential role, like in a fragrance.

The jacket is a constant inspiration for the EAUX POUR HOMME range- EAU DE NUIT interprets a dinner jacket in its most magnetic form and EAU D’ARÔMES, relaxing the codes to capture the casual chic of the weekend.

EAU DE CÈDRE is inspired by the velvet jacket. A chameleon-like fabric known for its comfort, velvet reflects different colors depending on the light. Delicate or robust, it stimulates the imagination. The olfactory inspiration is found in the nobility of spicy leather. The most sensual ingredients, such as supple suede, express both strength and fragility at the same time. Notes of cedar travel against the grain, drawn between lightness and dark, its woody-spicy-leather accord illuminated.
A fragrance for the modern gentleman.

At the meeting of fragrance and skin a metamorphosis occurs. A fusion of Italian bergamot and lemon essence, dressed in a fresh violet leaf accord. Transparency gives way to texture, as warm cumin and crisp sage are paired with bright tones of Cardamom Pure Jungle Essence™*. Volatile, like fresh wood shavings, Cedar Essence is swept up in the unexpected attraction of Black Tea Extract before being enveloped by the seduction of generous suede, woody and leathery.

Inspired by the perfect cut of a Giorgio Armani jacket, the signature EAUX POUR HOMME bottle reflects the same purity of line, impeccable. Imbued with a deep green radiance, the color of cedar, the bottle exhales a pure and woody air. Beneath a black Bakelite cap, the heavy glass is edged with ribbed metal.

Each detail is a reflection of the Giorgio Armani precision.

The Giorgio Armani Man, a new era

*Trademark of the Fragrance house, Mane


The original: a masculine fragrance with a striking silhouette. An original scent that opens with the freshness of bitter orange and tangerine, tops notes are enlivened by peppery coriander. A spicy heart of nutmeg and cumin is brightened by a sweet touch of neroli before being wrapped in the warm, woody timelessness of cedar and patchouli.

The nocturnal: it evokes the moment of anticipation when dusk turns to night. Like the last rays of sunlight, fresh bergamot and pink pepper are softened with cardamom. The smooth heart of nutmeg and powdery iris is slowly enveloped by amber and tonka bean for a profound and mysterious intensity.

The escape: a relaxed and richly textured spicy-woody fragrance for luxurious evasion. Fresh, citrus top notes of bergamot and mandarin orange are brightened with ginger. At its heart, cardamom, sage and hot chili pepper collide with the dry crispness of vetiver, over a sensual patchouli and rare ambergris accord.

The informal: capturing the polished style of discerning gentlemen in a woody-spicy-leathery scent. Sparkling bergamot, lemon and fresh violet leaf radiate through clean notes of Cardamom Pure Jungle Essence™*, before warming to spicy cumin and crispy sage. Base notes of Cedar Essence and Black Tea Extract find the ultimate seduction in the deep caress of suede.