Giorgos Dedes and his fur collar



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Giorgos Dedes and his fur collar

Giorgos is a promo manager at Heaven Music and one of the best-dressed men around. His open heart and brilliant spirit have made him the life of any Athenian party, as his friends are countless and loyal. Here, he is introducing IIWT to the cleverest way a man can wear a fur collar. Since we know he is a very fast thinker, we decided to start off our interview by bombarding him with some style questions.

Favorite online store?


Hally & Son.



Acne studio forever.

Dsquared, Massimo Dutti. 

Coats and gloves. 

First fashion memory?
Trussardi jeans with the “1” logo! 

Music you play to get dressed to?
Fade, by Kanye West. 

Which perfume do you wear?
I started wearing Havana by Aramis in the 90s, and I’ve been wearing it on and off, since. I also love Feuilles de Tabac by Miller Harris.

How do you take care of your clothes?
I only wash them in cold water.

What is the most expensive piece in your wardrobe?
My Lanvin coat.

And the one you payed less for?
My fly jacket by Bershka. 

First expensive buy?
A wool sweater with leather details by Trussardi.  

Piece that gets the most compliments?
My short navy coat by Gucci.

Family keepsake?
A navy short wool coat that belonged to my grandfather.

Who is your style god?
Nick Wooster.

What is your fashion motto?
“No fashion, only personal style.”

Summer or winter clothes?
Winter, winner!

Favorite fashion film?
Clockwork Orange.

Tattoos, yes or no?
A small one is enough.

Give us a general style rule.
At the age of 25, one should get a proper black, two button suit.

What clothes have you had a fixation with, in the past?
A short sleeved, dark blue Alexander McQueen shirt from the collections he designed himself. It is so worn out, that nowadays I only wear it under my sweaters.
Tell us about this collar you chose to be photographed with.
It is a black mink collar that I wear instead of a scarf.

How to you like wearing it?
It looks great with jackets as well as suits. I usually wear it semi-hidden, it is so soft and it keeps me very warm when the weather is cold.

Why do you like it?
It’s an accessory that you would usually expect a woman to wear. But once you see it worn by a man, you get the picture!

What is the story behind it?
It is a gift of pure friendship. My friend Eleni Voulgaraki gave it to me. She comes from the “fur town” of Kastoria, and the collar was made by her childhood friend Apostolos Lazarou who owns the brand

What do you see in its future?
I hope it grows into a fur coat so I can sell it and cash in big time!

Fur collar by Lazarou & Vassou
Jacket: John Richmond
Shirt: Sisley
Trousers: Neil Barrett
Belt: Jil Sander