Going places


Going places

Styling: Sofia Tsakiri
Photographer: Panos Davios
Words by Eleni Papaioannou

Your backpacking days are over. Now it is time to learn how to travel in style.

Sure, in a few months we can picture you throwing two different outfits and a swimsuit in a bag, chasing after the sun on a hot, island beach. Even the fashion shows were full of some perfect, flashy numbers that will be a sure hit in the summer of 2017. But, until then, there is a thing or two you need to learn about business trips, the first one being you cannot act like a teenager when you are on a work mission. Think about it, even while you are in the air, you are representing your job, this is not your weekend self we are talking about. Chances are you will end up straight in a big meeting room as soon as you hit dry land, so the motto “be prepared” is the only thing you are allowed to carry with you from your boy scout days.

· Layering is rule number one. Putting on a suit and a coat is just not enough, you need to be versatile and smart. You never know the weather conditions you will meet and you never can tell if the room you end up in will be cold of blasting with the hot air-con. So bring a cardigan in your carry bag and choose a warm but short coat that can easily double as a long blazer.
· Be comfortable. You want to reach your destination looking fresh and straight out of the box so, the biggest mistake you can make is travel with uncomfortable shoes. These lace-ups are perfect, plus they look super smart.
· Carry an umbrella. Even if you don’t meet rain, it makes a great accessory.
· Add a hint of personal style, to show everyone you made the extra effort but you also had fun while getting ready. A funky pair of socks (not too funky, though), a stand-out pocket square, a vintage tie, will make the perfect conversation piece while settling in for the meeting.
· Please be a grown-up and shop for a pair of matching bags or suitcases. They will pay off big time and they will make a statement straight from the airport.


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