Golf (of) course


Golf (of) course

Styling Sofia Tsakiri
Photos Panos Davios
Words Eleni Papaioannou

Some clothes make such a strong case for style, you don’t even think about why they were created in the first place.

As time comes and goes, so many different things influence the way we dress, changing the game entirely. Even the things big houses design follow the mini trends we ourselves create, playing a fascinating game of hide and go seek. Football, basketball, tennis, they have all played a major part in expressing our stylistic identity, inside the court and out. Created out of sheer comfort and adjusted to the special needs of the athlete, these items become, in time, iconic pieces of clothing, inseparable from our wardrobe identity. Sometimes they are even so successfully loved by everyone that we forget why they were designed in the first place. Think about golf, for instance. I mean, how can you not think of it, with this photo-shoot? Okay, fair play. If it wasn’t for the golf accessories standing so gracefully next to me, would you have considered them missing? No. And you know why? Because Lacoste, made by and for a magical tennis player, so often sported on the green fields of golf, has come to have an identity of its own.

You don’t need a ball to wear the brand. Just style.
· Beware of the Bermuda shorts. They need to have a neutral color and a plain cut that stops right over the knee.
· Polo shirts are a great investment. Make sure you have your basic colors covered and then go on to more playful prints, such as a lean checked one.
· This is one occasion where your sneakers don’t look at all out of place. They are the only style that goes well with this type of classic athleisure.


Regular Fit Polo Neck Shirt, Regular Fit Bermuda Shorts And Leather Sneakers 

All By Lacoste, Available At Notos galleries.