Gym tonic


Gym tonic

Photos Panos Davios
Styling Harris Davlas
Words By Eleni Papaioannou

Follow the treadmill trend for great looks with relaxed charisma.

This past winter, the fashion industry had much more to say about athletic wear than ever before. Leaping away from the luxury workout tracksuits that only look good on teenagers or Wes Anderson characters, its seems “athleisure”, the new interpretation of sportswear, is here to stay. The comfortable sweat suit with the all-American college references looks good on everyone and can support a much more fashion oriented style that doesn’t necessarily need to justify its wearer by taking him to the gym. It looks fantastic out and about town and, if you respect the rules of the game, you will be sure to hit a sartorial touchdown.

· Never ever combine your sweats with “regular” shoes. No, not even hiking boots are allowed. Only sneakers, or, in the extreme case of a very unique style, skateboard shoes.

· Avoid matching your choices; you don’t want to look like you belong to a school football team. Uniformity is a no-no when betting on uniforms…

· If one of the pieces of your look has big lettering and its brand screams for attention, be very cautious and avoid repeating the same statement-making move on the rest of your outfit.

· Keep it quiet, if you can. The older you are, the quieter you need to be with your athletic gear. White hair looks funny with loud hoodies. But it looks freaking hot with gray flannel, Rocky Balboa style crew necks.

· Have an image, in your head, of what you want to represent. You can resemble a wrestler, a footballer, or a weight lifter. But be an athlete in repose, casually strolling around, not a champ who is about to play the game of his life.

· If you want to take it a stylish notch higher, bet on an unusual color that will set you apart from the gym crowd. As dark blue is our darling, here in IIWT, we went for gold with it and created these sophisticated combinations. The same can be done with brown, mustard yellow, or any color that strikes your personal fancy.


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