Here comes the hotstepper



Here comes the hotstepper

Photographer: Panos Davios
Styling: Harris Davlas
Words by Eleni Papaioannou

Dare to walk in the hot, golden greek sand and prove you can be hotter than the scorching sun above.


A piece of clothing is an item that can make up or destroy any look. If you have been stydious enough, you have, by know, managed to learn from our teachings, how to steer away from bad choices and lean onto good quality pieces that light up your wardrobe. However, the case turns tough when you only have to deal with just one single piece: the swimsuit.


·Accessorize meaningfully. A small anchor, like the one we chose for this post, or a simple bracelet, can be more than enough to adorn your barely bare body.
·Stick to the plan: do not go overboard with your pattern – choosing, treat your trunks as you would any shorts or pants in your wardrobe. You are on holiday, not back in the nineties.


·A smart watch can add attitude to your style, a playful one shows you are relaxed enough to let time pass in the best possible fashion manner.
·You cant really see it here, but you can tell: we have used the best sun protection available and we didn’t forget to reaply after we took a cooling dive in the water. Looking after yourself is always in style.
·One last tip: on your next visit to the barbers, ask if they have pedicure service. There is nothing like a well groomed man, and details do not start and finish on your perfectly trimmed beards. The ladies tend to notice _and appreciate_ these things.



·Pyramid print swimsuit by Massimo Dutti, available at Massimo Dutti stores
·Montauk 6″ Gingham Swim Trunks by Brooks Brothers, available at Brooks Brothers stores Stadiou 4 & Golden Hall
·Sunglasses Sea Round by Deep Shallow Exposition, available at
·Watch VERAOZERO2 by Swatch, available at
·Anchor Gold-Plated Necklace by Miansai, available at