Styling: Natassa Lionaki
Photographer: Panos Davios
Words by Eleni Papaioannou

Dress your finest in Brooks Brothers. After all, they are the best for looking your best.

Indulging in the new season and its cozy chill, I wanted a look that would represent my favorite version of a properly dressed up outfit. So, I looked no further than Brooks Brothers in order to create a monochrome style with some fine details, like a soft, silk scarf and a fantastic pair of wingtips. And a shirt…oh the shirts…let me put it this way: There is no better dress shirt in this world than the one Brooks Brothers make.



· Their Non-Iron Dress Shirt is a dream come true for men who wear suits every single day and must look sharp, no matter what. Not too short, not too boxy or too slim, their shirts are just perfect for your body type, whatever that may be.
· It is made from Supima® cotton, the highest standard in durability, long-lasting color, and softness.
· The buttons are durable, cross-stitched and certain to withstand wash and wear.
· They have single-needle tailoring that reduces seam puckering to produce a flat, clean finish.
· The signature 6-pleat Shirring® at the cuffs is a surefire way to tell it’s Brooks Brothers.
· Lower button placement at the cuff allows it to be rolled back, avoiding ink stains.
· The pocket pattern is harmonious with the shirt, making it almost invisible.

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· Their shirts have been treated with a formula that literally makes them wrinkle free. You just throw them in the washing machine, dry them out and put them on! If you are incredibly fuzzy, just a swift swipe of the iron will do the trick!
· No matter what your size, you will find a shirt that is perfect for you. No, it won’t untuck, ever, only if you pull it! Yes, the collar size is always perfect and, yes, they are never shaggy at the chest!
· Their Oxford-cloth button-down has a new, updated version, with mother-of-pearl buttons, the addition of side gussets to the shirttails, and the disappearance of the breast. Plus, they removed the collar’s interior lining! Perfect, huh? We know…



Regent Fit Wool Suit, Regent Fit Cotton Dress Shirt, Silk Scarf and Leather Wingtips All by Brooks Brothers, Available at 4Stadiou street & Golden Hall 37A Kifissias Street