In my shoes



In my shoes

Styling: Natasha Lionaki
Photographer: Panos Davios
Words by Eleni Papaioannou

Sometimes one singular choice can create a whole outfit. Just as long as it is bold and it makes a clear fashion statement.


It took me some time to get out of my comfort zone and accept the fact that it was okay for me to combine proper with comfortable, street wise with business worthy. These ever so lovely brogues with the rubber soles have been in the front lines of fashion since last year, however it took them a while to finally get into my heart. As a matter of fact, now I believe they are going to stay there forever. All it took was for me to realize the new potential they created in my wardrobe. Their white soles gave me permission to play with combinations and find a great black and white, simple palette on which to grow.


· You can go with a plain white shirt but find one that has a tiny little pattern, giving your outfit depth and personality.
· Your trousers can be gray or black, or they can have a little of both, if they have a nice herringbone effect that gives the eye a nice illusion to get lost in.
· Overdo it as much as you like with your scarf, provided it is the protagonist of your outfit and it has a design that verifies the rest of your look. Remember, however, the thinner you are, the smaller your scarf should be, or else you will find yourself drowned in wool.
· A nice blazer with a tailored fit can give you the shape you need on these cold winter months of thick fabrics and bulky clothes.
· Let your sunglasses or watch become the rebel that will break the monotony of your outfit’s color scheme. Brown is always a great choice as it matches everything without having to “behave”.



Cotton Print Royal Oxford Fitted Shirt, Wool Tailored Fit Blazer, Stretch Cotton Tailored Slim Pants and Wool Scarf, All by Gant, Available at Gant Stores.

“Wanderer” brown veins sunglasses by Jim Frames, Αvailable at

Watch “RECOLETA” by Swatch, Available at The Swatch Group Greece S.A.,

Leather Low Lace Shoes by Gant, Available at Gant Stores.