IIWT for The Bostonians



IIWT for The Bostonians

Photographer: Panos Davios
Art Direction: In Icons We Trust
Styling: Harris Davlas

What happened when we art-directed the best collection of the season?

IIWT was called in by The Bostonians to bring our fresh outlook to our beloved brand, a fashion staple that, for the last thirty years, has totally changed the way we dress. Not unlike every time we shoot a story, the assignment turned out to be quite the pool party, since the international model Steve Milatos and the promising actor Michael Leventogiannis played dress up with our team, lending us their impeccable personal style.


Picking out from The Bostonians’ wide selection, we indulged in a great crash course of what is hot right now. You want to know what’s in store for the summer? Here it is, first handedly:

·Think American preppy: loose, long shorts, casual and soft fabrics, washed oxfords, vintage looking poplines, all time favorite chinos and college style jackets.
·The classic basic fit shirts are simply amazing and they suit every style! If you want to go for the slimmer shirts with soft collars, you are at the right place.
·Polo shirts in a vast choice of colors are here to dress up every type of look. Why not go for the heavy polos, ideal for a weekend on the island?
·Love accessorizing? So do we, and so do The Bostonians. Their scarfs and belts are perfect for transorming any look into a new version of your classic style, in just seconds. All you have to do is let go of your imagination and just play, like we did!

Photo 1:


Baby blue linen shirt, blue Bermuda shorts.
Baby blue shirt, cargo shorts.
Mao linen shirt, beige Bermuda shorts

Photo 2:


Stripped polo shirt, cotton trousers.
Stripped polo shirt, cotton trousers.
Polo shirt, cotton trousers.


Michael Leventogiannis: Pima-cotton polo shirt.
Steve Milatos: Linen mao shirt, blue jacket.
Harris Davlas: Pima-cotton polo shirt.