Kiss from a rose


Kiss from a rose

Photos Panos Davios
Styling Sofia Tsakiri
Words By Eleni Papaioannou

Tiny touches of elegance turn an austere suit into a contemporary classic.

We have extendedly talked about pink, here in IWWT. It is manly, sophisticated, interesting and fresh. This season it is also going to be the hottest trend to visit your wardrobe, shedding its light on any classic cut it colors with its vibrant joy. For those of you who like following fashion in baby steps, today we have a look that uses up all of the color’s pros in little details and tiny brushstrokes of excellence. See how a classic suit and tie are uplifted to a daring sartorial statement? Here is how we did it!

· When choosing a pink shirt, steer away from black suits. Gray, or better yet, blue, are the perfect match that will bring out the brightness of pink without imposing its softness to the rest of your outfit.

· Let this season’s color join forces with a style we have grown to love deeply, over the past couple of years. A slightly shorter cut on your trousers, paired with bare ankles that sport a classic pair of oxfords, is the ultimate lady-killer that will instantly put you on the hot list.

· As we have taught you, a pocket square can either match or stylishly clash your tie. In this case right here, it not only matches but also cleverly enhances the pinkness of the shirt and the deep rose color of the tie. A perfect symphony in pink…


Navy Blue Cotton Suit, Pink Cotton Shirt and Leather Sac Voyage, all by Hackett London, Available at Shop&Trade.

Leather Oxford Shoes by Don Hering London, Available at Vardas/Golden Hall.