Makes perfect scents


Makes perfect scents

Photos Panos Davios
Styling Sofia Tsakiri
Words By Eleni Skalkotou

Eau de parfum, eau de toilette or a cool cologne? Here are the perfumes of the season and this is how you can choose the right one for each occasion.

Summer time: There is a moment when we suddenly realize that the fragrance we wear is not the right one for the season. The intense ones with an oriental character that we spray on our jacket now seem to not match our Spring T-Shirts. And if until recently we only renewed our wardrobe, according to the experts, as the seasons change, we should also update our repertoire of perfumes. And this is not to just try out a new fragrance that is newly released, but because there are times when we want to exhude freshness and a sense of cleanliness and sometimes when we want to show our masculinity. “As we choose a different style of clothing depending on the season or occasion, it’s just as important to have a different choice of fragrance,” according to the experts. Sun exposure, sweating and frequent showers are factors that affect our skin chemistry and alter its aroma. Therefore, the lightest and coolest compositions are proven to act better as temperatures rise.

Perfume: With an aroma content of 20-40%, it is perfume in its purest version, thus, of course, more expensive and intense. It usually lasts longer throughout the day due to the intensity of its basic notes. If you choose perfume, use the minimum quantity (one drop at the points of the pulses is enough). Although Parfum is best avoided during hot months, fanatics of this particular composition prefer it for evening outings by spraying their clothes in order to alleviate the very intense effect ita has on the skin.

Eau de Parfum: It is equally intense, but it has less perfume content (12-20%), so it lasts less than Parfum (about 5 hours). Choose the opposite of your winter fragrance and ideally spray less than what you would normally wear.

Eau de Toilette: With less essential oils than Eau de Parfum (usually around 10%), Eau de Toilette compositions can be worn in most areas of the body. In these compositions, the superior notes containing the fragrance are distinguished, not its basic notes. They have a shorter duration (4 to 6 hours) compared to the more intense and heavy Eau de Parfum. They are much lighter compositions, and at the same time the most popular category, because it is suitable for both morning and afternoon.

Cologne: These are the lightest versions with minimal amount in ethereal aromatic oils (2% – 7%) but last less (about 2-3 hours). Cologne was created in 1806 by the French perfumer Jean-Marie Farina and was a huge success. It lasts a little but leaves the most beautiful feeling of cleanliness and coolness. On hot days, these are the most suitable forms of perfume. We may need to refresh them more often, but they are ideally suited to the SEASON.

L’Eau: With cool, fresh and revitalizing compositions, l’eau alchemy is the must of the season. With a special texture, ideal for high temperatures and light notes that remind us of holidays, cut grass and the ocean, according to the wizards of aromatic compositions “these are the most suitable scents for a hot day”.


Prada Luna Rosa Carbon Eau de Toilette
Prada’s “red moon” belongs to the category of fougère perfumes. It combines distilled and synthetic herbs in the most dynamic way. A unique creation with green citrus, lavender, citrus and woody notes, an aroma that offers metallic freshness, since the strong presence of metallic elements competes with the sensation of natural water.

Dior Homme Sport
A revolutionary, fragrant interpretation redefined to better incorporate a life in which sport has become a philosophy. Through its notes it transmits the idea of ​​a life in motion, in which love, laughter and dreams are an invitation to sensuality. The perfumer François Demachy has created the composition of the fragrance by drawing inspiration from the codes of this new lifestyle. The result is a spicy, fresh and sexy scent with the woody notes of the identity of Dior Homme.

Starck Peau de Pierre
His creations are considered the most inspired of the design world. Philippe Starck dares to experiment with the magic world of perfumery by establishing the House StarckParis. Through a bouquet of unexpectedly olfactory poems, words are the fragrances and every skin a canvas of endless possibilities. Their creator states that a fragrance is an olfactory tattoo, a kind of second skin, a masculine aroma that reveals the female side of a man. It is the symbol of this permanent ambiguity that filters our differences and our personality.

YSL, La Nuit de L’Homme Eau Electrique
When the luxury of YSL meets perfumery, the result can only be intoxicating. An ode to the wild side of masculinity, this new perfume sparks dynamism and is incandescent on the skin. Close your eyes and feel the apple, geranium and vanilla.

Hugo Boss, Hugo Iced
Mint, tea, oranges. No, it’s not an ice-cold drink but Hugo Boss’s new iced scent. Designed to encourage the new generation to embrace the rejuvenating capabilities of every day, a unique mixture of “frozen” ingredients, leading the wearer into new adventures. Its bold aromatic character exhudes a refreshing sensation.

Acqua di Parma Colonia Ebano
Inspired by the art of furnishings and ebony, Acqua di Parma has once again created a distinctive aromatic identity. A sophisticated and original fragrance created by an unusual blend of citrus notes such as bergamot, Eve and Vetiver.

Giorgio Armani Code Colonia
“I think a man is stylish when his sartorial choices are simple, and when he can easily and casually support even the most casual outfit,” said perfumer Antoine Maisondieu for this new alchemy that creates a relaxed, casual feel, through a distinctive aroma that highlights its quality thanks to its ingredients such as bergamot, orange blossom, sage and amberwood.

Giorgio Armani Code Profumo
Inspired by the impeccable sensation of an Armani tuxedo and sealed with luxury and elegance, Armani Code Profumo is the aromatic incarnation of masculinity. An irresistible attraction emerging through green apple cardamom, lavender tuna seeds, amber and leather.

Tous Les Colognes Concentrées Eau de Toilette
If a scent could take you to an oasis of tranquility, without worries and stress, that would undoubtedly be the new Tous. A light aromatic alchemy with citrus notes, grapefruit, mint and vetiver.

Polo Bleu Eau de Parfum
With cool notes such as bergamot and vetiver and basil combined with lemon and seaweed, the light aroma of this fragrance gives us the freedom and energy of a deep blue sky and the freshness that emanates the blue waters of the ocean.

Hugo Boss Tonic
The manifestation of modern masculinity which, through a subversive scent, calls on a man to focus on the road to success. A strong cocktail with notes of lemon, citron, ginger and vetiver, ideal for any occasion.

Lacoste, Eau de Lacoste L. 12.12 Bleu
The ingenuity and elegance of the Lacoste polo shirt is reviewed. This time, however, it transforms itself into a cool and special fragrance. With vigorous, fresh fruit and water elements, this is a perfume that wraps itself around the skin with a sence of freshness and masculinity throughout the day.