DUT_NYC_FW15_01 DUT_NYC_FW15_06 DUT_NYC_FW15_09 DUT_NYC_FW15_10_V3 DUT_NYC_FW15_11_V4 DUT_NYC_FW15_12_V2 DUT_NYC_FW15_16_V3 Eclectic, casual and authentic, three words that perfectly define the city of New York and everything from which Massimo Dutti drew inspiration to create the New Limited Edition Collection. This collection could not be better represented through the visions of top models Liu Wen and Mathias Lauridsen, and influencers Sofía Sánchez de Betak and Mathew Avedon. They reveal their favourite spots in New York to us, decked out in sizzling modern pieces, with grey tones and small touches of white, a must for the upcoming winter.

The New York City Collection is undoubtedly this brand’s classiest and most urban and minimalist collection, inspired by the 60s and 70s, where grey loose pieces stand out for their versatility and comfort. These essentials put the spotlight on lifestyles based on movement, comfort and lightweight clothing, without ever sacrificing their chic charm. The Women’s collection is feminine, inspired by cosy mornings and home wear pieces, with splashes of beige and a wide range of melange greys, a new aesthetic founded on the comfort zone. The Men’s collection has pieces inspired by downtown, while conserving the discrete chic of midtown.

Stilettos or trainers, there’s room for everything in this new collection, where the looks are valid for a long and intense day in the city of New York. Pure casual chic that perfectly represents the Big Apple.