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Master of adornments



Master of adornments

Words by Eleni Papaioannou

An original creator’s crave for beauty is what lies in the heart of jewelry designer Yannis Sergakis. And now his unique talent has finally a place to call home.

Greek at heart and international at mindset, designer Yannis Sergakis launched his Adornments line in 2004. This choice of word is not random, as he tells IIWT: “it has to do with anything that can decorate the human body, thus giving me the freedom to expand, creatively, on any path my imagination takes me”.

In the inevitable way none of us really escapes their childhood, Yannis was literally raised among gems, i.e. the astonishing diamonds his family was trading: “I have still kept the small box in which I collected sapphires and diamonds…I would open it, look at them and close it again” he remembers. But simply being amongst such beauty was not enough for him, as his deepest need was to create. After studying gemology and design at the Gemological Institute of America, his designer instinct kicked-in and it has never stopped leading his choices and aesthetics. After over 30 collections and notable collaborations with the best jewelry houses in Greece and abroad, he has now unraveled his masterful talent by creating his own signature line, COMMITMENT_his way of expressing his dedication to what he always wanted to do, create pieces he loves.



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This was the perfect time for his work to finally find the home it deserves. The first Yannis Sergakis Adornments flagship store is now located on 5, Valaoritou str., in the center of Athens. A beautiful, listed traditional edifice, built in 1933, gave Aris Zampikos, the architect in charge of the project, a beautiful canvas on which to draw. Its unique character has been highlighted, with no interventions spoiling the space that is now a luminous room where light flows freely, with a rich abundance known only in Greece. The large window on the pavement invites the visitor into a world of majestic elegance and a very compelling, curvaceous structure.

Here the designer’s creations have found a comfortable place to shine their astonishing aesthetics, as the store’s table is like a soft bed where they can float, creating an environment of their own within the room. Minimal chandeliers and Pierre Frey’s animal faces are here, not to draw attention away from the real protagonists but to enhance the way Sergakis approaches luxury. In his own words, “Every single thing in the store is custom-made. In every little spot that the eye travels there is a detail that makes the difference. It’s like a puzzle that gradually builds up to create the larger picture. We used a mixture of materials, that combined give a luxurious result, totally consistent with my jewelry’s lines; luxury is visible, but subtle”. French Vogue, Monocle magazine and Wallpaper have already given their stamp of approval by claiming they have never come across such a jewelry store. But what really puts things into perspective for the designer is “when I see tourists posing for selfies at the store front!” (laughs)


The COMMITMENT collection consists of three lines of fine jewellery, employing 18K gold and diamonds; Charnieres, Crochets and Liens.