Photographer: Panos Davios
Styling: Natasa Lionaki
Words by Eleni Papaioannou

His wives may have gained all the style credits, but Mr Onassis was the one with the emblematic attire, as powerful and _still influential_ as his character.

No one carried the comfortable navy – on – shore look like the man himself. Even when he was walking around his private island of Scorpios, everyone close to him felt like he was in charge, like he was behind the wheel of one of his boats, gracefully bringing it to shore, even through thunder and lightning. His impressive pocket squares, his perfectly tailored blazers, his unique glass frames and his aloof attitude about it all made him a style icon so unique that trying to copy him would end up a big joke. IIWT pays tribute to his style by decoding it and keeping all our favorite details, bringing them up to date and refreshing them with our own, twisted touch.



·Sorry guys, I just couldn’t resist. The fitted print shirt with the gorgeous, stand out collar and the wool pocket square were screaming to be incorporated in this post. It wouldn’t be an Onassis tribute without them and you know it.
·However, I did take the glasses cue and steered away from the thick staple of the man’s look. I chose a lovely new number by Jim Frames, giving my style an instant update.
·Sure I wore the blazer, yes I donned a pair of straight legged pants but why not play a little bit with color and add a big splash of red to my “uniform”? Groovy, ha?
·And to finish things off, no, I did not go for the classic navy shoes. Sure you can try them and the will look just perfect but, seriously, do you really want to go to all this trouble and end up looking plain (I mean boring)? Leather sneakers match absolutely everything, and in this case, they will offer your look a cute smirk of wittiness. Of course you paid tribute to a style icon. But what’s a tribute if not a chance to decode and deconstruct? Maybe we are new age punks at heart after all…


Blazer in a Lightweight Cotton and Linen Blend, Cotton Fitted Print Shirt, Wool Pocket Square and Slim Fit Cotton Chinos, All by The Bostonians, available at The Bostonians, The Mall Athens.
“Wanderer” Olive Veins sunglasses by Jim Frames, available at
Leather Sneakers by American Eagle, available at American Eagle.