The new Million campaign by Paco Rabanne

The new Million campaign by Paco Rabanne

2017 brings a breath of fresh air to the Million communication with an original campaign and two new faces: Jordan Barrett and Sophia Ahrens. We rediscover our young rebels – who haven’t lost their golden touch – still living an audacious lifestyle/ moving to a daring beat.

The Million story

1 Million and Lady Million, the fantasy of a generation. A look back at a flamboyant duo that are now iconic – and inseparable.
2008. Paco Rabanne shakes up the codes of the fragrance world with 1 Million. A global success. A beautiful spicy leather with an intriguing trail in a gold bar with a twist. Gold fever and a taboo that’s a source of pride. A gentleman bad boy who obeys no one and nothing but his own fantasies. Unforgettable: the famous click of his fingers to summon his luck.
2010. Boy meets girl. 1 Million is joined by his gorgeous, bold Lady Million and her audacious diamond. An overdose of glamour. A carnal and liberated white-floral with addictive sensuality.
2016. Million Privé: the extreme experience. Two intense oriental fragrances that lead you into a deep and dangerous addiction. From getaways to hold-ups, our charming gangsters dabble in every playing field, as long as they can enjoy a fabulous life. Their obsession: an extreme thrill.

The Million story

For this new episode, the Million duo is embodied by Jordan Barrett and Sophia Ahrens. Wild and turbulent youth, impatient to celebrate the good life. After the adrenaline rush, the world opens its doors to them. They live life to the fullest, with no limits. A way of life. Still children at heart in this artificial world. Just Million kids. Making their own reality and switching on the dream machine. Phantasmagoria! With a shimmy or a snap, caught in the euphoria of a dance… the Million attitude.

Dance & dream machine, the ad campaign

People don’t want to think no more, they just want to feel, they want to let go!

A snap to start the rhythm. Flow for the bursts of light.

Look at you, look at me, Hot-n- Fun!

A shoulder hits a football and the first metamorphosis takes place.

A globe covered in gold. The world is ours!

Moonwalk in high heels and flow of golden energy.

Let’s dance!

360° spin and a shiny car in a trail of powder…

A jacket opens. A lion leaps out, ready to bare its claws.


In the commercial, our Million Kids are dancing partners. Overexcited. Overflowing with imagination. Gold wizards… One movement is all it takes to create their Golden world. Magic. Hot & fun choreography with a catching energy, composed for two. A black and white performance in which the snaps follow one after the other and fantasies light up. The Dream Machine is in full action!

At the controls, an irresistible casting for a golden collaboration.
Behind the camera: Dvein. A collective of Spanish directors. Three amazing artists who mix disciplines: live action and film animation, music videos and art installations.
The soundtrack: Pharrell Williams and his group N.E.R.D. with the aptly named Hot-n- Fun, which unites smooth rap and R&B. A producer, musician and singer, Pharrell Williams has been in the business for 25 years. This prince of Hip-Hop has injected new life into the record industry with his timeless hits. He has also worked with the greatest artists of the moment:
Jay Z, Beyoncé, Snoop Dogg, Sting and Daft Punk. Coolness personified, with a groove and contagious happiness.
The photo campaign by Nathaniel Goldberg moves to the same beat. We discover 1 Million and his lady dancing. Transported by success and music. Daring nonchalance and untamed hair. Another snap, like a wink. Visual signature: a flamboyant gold bottle against an understated black and white backdrop.

The fragrances

1 Million Eau de Toilette

Spicy leather with insolent charm, both fresh and smooth. Inimitable “blond leather-amber” signature.

1 Million Privé

Cinnamon-apple, myrrh, Tonka bean and vibrant woods. Boldly powerful and addictive oriental, bordering on the forbidden.

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