Nikos Daditsios and his Omega watch


Nikos Daditsios and his Omega Speedmaster watch

Portrait: Panos Davios
Interview By Eleni Papaioannou

One of the most elegant men we know, Nikos has the ability to convey his charm firstly by the way he carries himself, the kindness of his movements, the gentle way he treats others. His wardrobe is one of the most coveted ones in Athens. It seems that this gastronomy and tourism connoisseur has a knack for anything of great quality and lasting charisma. We asked him to pose for us, wearing his beautiful watch, and here is what he told us about his personal style:

What do you do for a living, what is your profession?

I’m a business professional with extensive management & consulting experience, specialized in gastronomy & tourism. Since 2015, I’m operating my own Consulting Firm called Square22 Ltd, which is based in London. Square22 Ltd is primarily focused in F&B consulting to prestigious Hotels, developing successful PR & communication plans for bars & restaurants and finally organizing F&B events, from inception to execution.

What are your obsessions?

Traveling, learning, being a perfectionist in my work.

How important is a good appearance in your line of work?

It is very important. “First impression is the last impression” is true when it comes to the business world. It not only adds the confidence to the individual but also impresses and attracts other people. No matter what a person tries to convey about his or her personality to colleagues or clients through their work and results, still the first impression lies in the appearance one carries with them.

Any peculiar hobbies?

Gastronomy used to be my hobby but it became my profession! I still enjoy it though.

Favorite book? Song? Movie?

My all-time favorite book is “The woodpecker” written by Tom Robbins, Song is “Time after Time” performed by the Beloved and Movie is “Der Himmel über Berlin” directed by Wim Wenders.

Who were your style icons while growing up? Any of them make you laugh today?

Growing up at the 80’s, perhaps the most notorious style period in recent memory, looked back upon with equal parts of awe and ridicule. For all the embarrassing misfires though, only few managed to get it right, using the experimentative era to display a strong sense of icon-making style sensibilities and bold new directions in image. To me, style icons were the singer Bryan Ferry and his dandy look and the actor Don Johnson who nailed it with his style as detective “Sonny Crockett” at “Miami Vice” series.

Glorious fashion mistakes of the past?

Long hair, bright colors, deafeningly loud outfits, and a lot of pastels, exactly the opposite of what I am now! But that was the 80’s!

How did you spend your first paycheck?

I’m not sure I can recall, but most likely in clothes.

First item you bought as an investment?

I bought some stocks at the Athens stock market. It turned out to be a bad investment though!

Do you like following fashion?

I don’t like following fashion, it is meaningless I think. I chose for myself a more sophisticated, long lasting look.

How would you classify your style? How has it evolved through the years?
Where is it headed?

Style doesn’t necessarily come naturally; it’s learned. Therefore, I improved my style in time. I can describe my style as today’s elegant and I follow some basic rules. For example, if there is one thing that men should learn to be better dressed and to have more allure, it is to make sure that they wear clothes that are the right size. Most men, even in the most fashionable cities, seem to wear clothes two sizes too large. Choose clothes that suit you and fit your shape.

I also keep it simple. The best thing is to put together a wardrobe that makes you look your best but which avoids looking ‘over the top’. I try not to be one of those men who suddenly ‘discover fashion’ and go from the scruffy rag-bag stage straight to “I’m going to dress to impress and make sure it’s super-obvious”. In my opinion, you can be elegant without being ‘dressed up’. Relaxed and casual doesn’t necessarily mean trainers and a tee-shirt.

Then of course I take some risks. It’s probably better for a man to be slightly over-dressed than under; then you’ll be the one that people will notice. The main thing is to find your own style, one that matches and expresses your personality. I don’t underestimate the importance of detail. The devil is in the detail! So, I pay attention to those little things that people will notice first. Things like: my belt, the knot in my tie, a badge, a scarf, and of course my pochette! Another detail I always pay attention to is my Shoes. If there’s one thing that people notice, it’s shoes. The proverb says that you can measure a man’s power by his shoes.

Finally, I don’t get too wrapped up in trends. I don’t buy a piece of clothing just because it’s the latest thing and I don’t think this is going to change in the future.  I create my own style. Visualize ‘elegance’ and shop accordingly. Elegance is timeless. I can always add some trendy pieces to update and emphasize my individual look. This approach also saves me money in the long run.

Do you take care of your clothes and accessories?

Of course, if you want them to last you ought to.

Are you peculiar with the way you like your shirts ironed or your trousers creased?

To be honest I don’t iron them myself, I have somebody do that for me. After all these years, she knows exactly how I like my clothes to be ironed.

Do you have a tailor? A barber?

Of course. Recently, for example, I turned to Vassilis Bourtsalas, owner of “Bespoke Athens” for a nice suit and a couple of trousers and shirts. He does an amazing Job. My barber is Giannis Sakellarakis, the owner of “DON Barber & Groom”.

What percentage of the closet in your house is yours?

The 90%! I have so many clothes to be honest and I need to start giving away at least some of my old stuff.

What perfume do you wear?

“Intuition” by Estee Lauder.

Tell me a bit about this watch. What is the story behind it?

This watch is a scarce re-issue of an historical watch. That was the first watch that took a journey into space and the very first one that landed in the moon! The history of that watch goes back to 1957 when it was introduced as a sports and racing chronograph, complementing Omega’s position as the official timekeeper for the Olympic Games. This first Speedmaster model is known as the “Broad Arrow”. Beginning in about 1962, NASA purchased a series of chronographs of different brands with the task of finding the best watch available for their astronauts to wear in space.

When NASA received the watches, they were subjected to a series of tests and pre-selection processes called the “Qualification Test Procedures”. Only three watches out of six chronographs successfully survived this arduous pre-selection phase. The finalists were then subjected to 11 different tests – the most rigorous trials endured in the history of horology. On March 1, 1965, the test results were completed and only the Omega Speedmaster passed.

Curiously, Omega only learned about the Speedmaster’s journey into space after seeing a photograph of Ed White taken during America’s first spacewalk as part of the Gemini 4 mission in June of 1965! On the 20th of July 1969, the first manned lunar landing was certainly one of the most dramatic scientific achievement in human history. Neil Armstrong was the first to step onto the moon’s surface.

Since the electronic timing system on the Lunar Module was not functioning correctly, Armstrong had left his watch aboard as a reliable backup. Nineteen minutes later he was joined by Buzz Aldrin, who was wearing his Omega Speedmaster that was the first watch worn on the moon. A few months after this mission, Buzz’s watch was stolen and never returned.

How did it come to your possession?

It was a gift to myself a long time ago.

How do you like to wear it?

I wear it scarcely because is a quite rare watch. But I enjoy wearing it on special occasions or when I feel a bit down, it helps cheer me up.

What do people usually tell you about it?

They love its appearance, is a very beautiful watch to look at, but they really get impressed when they hear the truly interesting story behind it.

What is in store for it, in the future? Will you leave it to anyone?

I usually don’t get sentimentally involved with things, only with people. But this watch is an exception and it means a lot to me. Nevertheless, I already decided to gift it to my wife to be, the person I cherish the most. So it is staying in the family.

The photoshoot took place at the “Sense Fine Dining” restaurant, located in “AthensWas” hotel.