Noble cause


Noble cause

Photos Panos Davios
Styling Harris Davlas
Words By Eleni Papaioannou

Get the hottest ques from Milan street style looks to create a very elegant, pre-summer ensemble.

Italian style has many faces, many expressions of the same, intriguing, rule defying attitude that creates, every time, ageless looks that the whole world tries to imitate but with little success. The latest fashion weeks proved a very strong point in the case of individuality, as we saw unique pieces, clever combinations and very strong attitudes flying off the streets of fashion’s big and brightest cities. Decoding the looks, one by one, here is your IIWT guide to this season’s fascinating details:

· Roll with it, baby: drop the act of the clean cut guy and just roll up your pants as if you were a fisherman in a hurry to catch the ultimate, your very own Moby Dick. Yes, the scruffier the better.

· You can wear your chinos any way you like them, in any occasion. Here we have paired them with a very strict upper part and the end result has a clever, easy going and overly stylish attitude.

· A pair of soft, suede oxford shoes is exactly what you need to support an effortless outfit. Please pay attention to detail and notice how we have bet on a black pair that looks fantastic, as it stands out from the whole look without, however, making it look irrelevant.

· Don’t walk around half dressed; button up at least two of the three buttons on your jacket to achieve the maximum in comfort and poise.

· There is nothing sexier, at the moment, than matching your jacket to your shirt, pocket square and tie, all in the same color tone. Mind you, however, these players get along with each other but don’t mind at all clashing with your trousers or shoes!

· Needless to say that we trust you to match your outfit with a fine, Diplomatico Exclusiva cocktail, at one of the city’s hottest spots!


· Chinos BAUMLER, Shirt Rex Collar two ply 160 VARDAS LUXURY COLLECTION, Tie THOMAS MASON, Unconstructed three button jacket BAUMLER, Woven belt made with suede leather DON HERING, Suede leather Oxford shoes KAISER HOFF EXCLUSIVE, All by Vardas, Available at Vardas Golden Hall, 37A Kifissias Street.

· “FOUR STITCHES” Watch from the A Traveler’s Dream Collection by Swatch, Available at The Swatch Group Greece S.A,


45ml Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva

5ml Masticha

5ml Mezcal Vida

Stir all the ingredients in a rocks glass. Serve with a ice cube and garnish with an olive.   

THE BAR Upupa Epops

Upupa Epops is hosted in a mid-war (1930) three-house complex with a hidden yard, with a glass ceiling that allows it to be fully functional even during the cold winter months. Vintage aesthetics, retro decoration, fresh cocktails, delicious bar food by chef Costas Tsigas and great weekend brunches are all dressed with the best soundtrack.