Stylish nights

Styling: Harris Davlas
Photographer: Panos Davios
Grooming: Don Barber & Groom
Words by Eleni Papaioannou

Of course there is etiquette for today’s very busy man of the hour. But now you know how to play around it, in style.


Don Barber and Groom is the ideal setting for this outfit. You see, as much as it appears to have a classic and old patina, reminiscent of days gone by, this barbershop is as contemporary as they get. Everything is brand new, even its address, since it has now moved to Amerikis street, number 23. I am sure you know where we are getting at, the clothes…For everyone out there who wonders how to be dressed as expected in the work field, but without looking like someone else chose his clothes for him, there are ways of doing it fast and smart:


· Trust the knitted blazer: sort of like a cardigan but much warmer, this big ol’ softy can play the part of an overcoat, when it’s not raining.
· Raining, we said? Have you seen a cutter mac than this one by Hackett London? Yes, it is a mac, did you think it was a blazer? Well then, trick well played.
· Texture, texture…we won’t stop bringing the subject up, play with texture on your trousers and shirt and you will give your outfit a totally new depth (literally).
· What is the one thing you see when you first lay your eyes on this outfit? The tie. Steal the show with a bright red accessory like this one, especially on gloomy days that you don’t feel your best. You will get so many compliments they are bound to swing your mood.
· White soled leather brogues: The take out the seriousness of the shoe’s style and bring in a touch of “right here right now” you need.



Whenever I visit Don Barber and Groom, I never leave empty handed. My favourite Hommer grooming products are here, specially made in Greece, for men only. My newest obsessions are:


It tames even the wildest of beards and it works for hours after you apply it. It doesn’t need rinsing and it perfectly complements the beard oil I have already been using. Dark chocolate notes together with oak and blends create a fascinating aura for whoever leans in for a soft kiss.


My favourite notes used in the Hommer products are now infused in this masculine but soft perfume where vetiver grass, dark chocolate and woody notes create a spicy memory for those who cross your path. Furthermore, it is free from Phthalates, Polycyclic Musks and Nitro Musks, all the ingredients that are usually guilty of skin irritations.

*All Hommer products are free from Parabens, SLS, SLES, silicones, mineral oils, alcohol and are dermatologically checked, with certified procedure and packaging. They are not tested on animals and they are all designed and made in Greece, the land of the bearded Gods!



Utility range laptop case, Rainproof Mac, Blue knitted blazer, fine strip single cuff shirt, all by Hackett London. Leather brogues and chinos by Antony Morato.

Total outfit available at Shop & Trade