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Paola Paganini


Paola Paganini

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Interview with Paola Paganini (Acqua di Parma Product Development & Innovation Director)

Candles or diffusers? What is the difference between them?

They are two different sensory and style experiences, two ways of enjoying the evocative atmospheres given off by the refined fragrances of the Acqua di Parma Home Collection. Lighting a scented candle and admiring the flame that creates a play of light and shade, while its soft precious tones diffuse into the air, are part of a genuine ritual to be shared with friends or to be enjoyed in relaxing moments. Each part is carefully designed, from the glass which follows the lines of the Colonia Art Deco bottle to the mixture of pure plant and mineral waxes that, together with the natural cotton wick, ensures that it burns uniformly. For those who like to choose every object carefully and to organise the interior design in every detail, diffusers are perfect. In this case, too, the bottle comes in the trademark Colonia Art Deco-shape, and it is embellished with the elegant bakelite cap. The rattan sticks, slender and elegant, release the fragrance strongly and for a long time, creating a perfumed backdrop that enriches all sorts of spaces with evocative moods.

What is so unique about the Aqua di Parma home fragrances?

For over a century, Acqua di Parma has interpreted the purest Italian style, and with the Home Collection it brings the true art of Italian living into homes throughout the world. In Italy living is an art that can be contemplated in the natural elegance, in a lightness and radiance that are conveyed again in all the Collection creations. The unique nature of the Home Collection also lies in its great wealth of sensory and emotional facets. Acqua di Parma has created ten different fragrances for candles and diffusers. Luce di Colonia, Buongiorno, La Casa sul Lago, Caffè in Piazza, Oh, L‘amore, are all compositions that conjure up, in the name and in the scented tones, the typical moments of Italian living. The other five fragrances are Arancia di Capri, Fico di Amalfi, Bergamotto di Calabria, Chinotto di Liguria and Mirto di Panarea: essences inspired by the Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo, which enable the vitality and air of some of the most enchanting places in the Italian Mediterranean region to be recaptured in one’s own home.

Do you have any tips on what type of scents we should use in different areas of the home?

Everyone can freely interpret their own favourite fragrances, allowing themselves to be carried away by the sensory atmosphere they give off. It all depends on the moment, the mood, the occasion. For an evening with friends on the terrace or to get even the darkest winter’s day off to a good start, perhaps making breakfast in the kitchen, the fragrances inspired by Blu Mediterraneo are ideal. A way to relive in a few moments that joy and energy felt in the long summers on the Italian Mediterranean and to transform all the rooms in the house into a perfumed garden. To enjoy a good book on the sofa, or to have a long relaxing bath, the tones given off by La casa sul lago are perfect, while for welcoming guests Luce di Colonia creates a fresh, elegant atmosphere in the living room. And yet again, for a pleasant family breakfast on Sunday morning, in the kitchen or on the veranda, the lively comforting tones of Caffè in piazza provide an even greater festive feeling. But, with the Home Collection, the tones and possibilities are really infinite.

How important are home fragrances for our home/ environment? And why?

Home is the place which, more than any other, says who we are and what we like. It is where we find ourselves, welcome friends and share our lives with the people dearest to us. Enriching a room with scented tones is a gesture that makes a difference, it is a touch of elegance and style to make your home even more authentic, welcoming and inviting.

Who is the typical home scent buyer?

Men and women who take care of themselves and their home down to the smallest details and who see even everyday gestures as an expression of natural elegance. People who pay great attention to the art of welcoming guests and who have a genuine personal style; cultured, elegant and profound connoisseurs of the Italian style.