Park Life


Park Life

Photos Panos Davios
Styling Sofia Tsakiri
Words By Eleni Papaioannou

Just because you are in a suit doesn’t mean you can’t have fun so just roll with it, baby!

Dressing up in the morning you had Nina Simone blasting while going through your wardrobe, trying to figure out what look will reflect your inner joy, the feeling of freedom and empowerment that comes together with the first rays of warmth from the sun. Now that your life doesn’t pause at six in the afternoon (have you noticed how the days are getting longer and longer?), your outfit needs to be versatile, your style fresh all day long and your look as carefree and elegant as possible. Hmm, with that in mind, here’s what we made up for you:

· Let’s start from the bottom. Remember our “no shoes” policy? It used to apply to sneakers and soft loafers. Not anymore. These leather babies are so well made they won’t give you a hard time, even if you wear them for a full 12 hours. So drop the socks, you know how to do it!
· One more thing about this, the basis of your look, the shoes need not match anything else on your outfit. They can be solo players, just as long as they have a dark color or, in other cases, they are extremely different and stand out in a peculiar color, say bright red.
· Take your linens out; it’s finally their time to see the light of day. But, before you do, take them to the cleaners for a check and refresh. If you already have, during the winter, just air them well before the first time you wear them.
· Linen suits have changed their attitude and they have gone back to slightly retro cuts. So if you are going to buy one this season, our favorites are the slim fit choices that are available, like this one by Antony Morato.
· Accessories, you say? Well, are a leather sac voyage, a skateboard, your IN ICONS WE TRUST Style Manual and a carefree attitude enough?


Slim Fit Linen Suit And Pique Cotton Shirt by Antony Morato, Available at Shop&Trade. Leather Loafers by Landini Collection, Available at Vardas / Golden Hall. Knitted Tie and Tie Clip both from Harris’ wardrobe.


Leather Sac Voyage Bag by Hackett London, Available at Shop&Trade. Leather Loafers by Landini Collection, Available at Vardas / Golden Hall.