Perfume wardrobe


Perfume wardrobe

11+1 must have fragrances for men
Words by Eleni Skalkotou

The sense of smell can perceive much more than what we realize, and this is because, compared to the other senses, it communicates quicker with the center of the brain’s emotion. This explains the fact that the right choice of perfume has the ability to succesfully build up our image at a business meeting or a date. But whatever the circumstances, the appropriate choice of perfume has to do with the right timing, mood, style and the personality we wish to highlight. In any case, we should remember that the aromatic alchemy we choose is our own, personal seal, which will be imprinted in the memory of anyone we meet and it becomes one of the first things people remember, consciously or subconsciously.

Dior, Sauvage Εau de Toilette

A new fragrant tale from the house of Dior which exudes authentic personality, a man with a unique, imposing depth. With notes of bergamot, pink pepper, geranium and amber, Sauvage is an olfactory shock that captures freedom in an aromatic manifesto.

Korres, Black Pepper/ Cashmere/ Lemonwood

Earthy, woody and as spicy as the man who wears it, this fragrance, through the core of its composition, highlights the sense of strength and masculinity. With luxurious notes of black pepper, combined with cardamom, lemon, tangerine, lavender and Indian Gurjum, this essence acquires an exuberant character topped with a velvety feel of cashmere. We love the fact that it contains alcohol of natural origin, such as wheat or corn.

Abercrombie & Fitch, First Instinct

Self-confident, adventurous, sure that he will charm with his energy and spontanuity. For the man who believes in instinct and first impressions, this bold essence, with notes of amber, musk, fragrant pepper, melon and gin and tonic is the embodiment of masculinity in a pefume.

Jean Paul Gaultier, Le Male Classique Essence de Parfum

Designed with a thinner waist and without the sailor’s shirt, the new version of Le Male has kept the original concept with aromatic sage, cardamom, lavender and Costus vanilla, but this time it is more natural and refined. A typical essence for those who want to remain unforgettable.

Prada L’Homme

A fragrance that encloses the classic principles of Fougère. With notes of neroli and pepper, iris, amber, violet patchouli and cedar, this essence offers the identity of masculinity, leaving an aromatic impression of seduction.

Hugo Boss, Τhe Scent

Hugo Boss created this fragrance to honor men. A sophisticated scent with notes of ginger, leather and fruit from the aphrodisiac Maninka fruit of South Africa, a rare aromatic cocktail with a masculine and charming finish.

Burberry, Μr. Burberry

Inspired by the iconic trench coat of the brand, in black, and the city of London, this fragrance is an explosion of citrus notes with a sensual finish of birch and cedar. A special edition fragrance, this is the stamp of masculinity that resulted from the collaboration between Burberry’s Chief Creative, Christopher Bailey, and the perfumer Francis Kurkdjian.

Bottega Veneta, Aromatique Pour Homme Essence

Charming, timeless, sophisticated. A fresh fragrance that brings together the modern man with old time, classical principles. With notes of citrus, Indonesian patchouli, Siberian pine and cedar, this is a masculine essence that gives the proper sense of tension and mystery.

Giorgio Armani, Αrmani Eau de Nuit Oud

Masculine, sophisticated, with a touch of timeless style, this fragrance combines the codes of Armani House with the luxury of the East. An oriental, bold and sensual eau de parfum with valuable raw materials that create a mysterious and charming addiction. The leathery facet is aligned with the Oud Cambodia precious wood, enriching the aromatic symphony with cardamom beans, pink pepper, bergamot, iris, musk and saffron seed.

Apivita Μen’s Care Eau de Toilette

The alternative of a perfume that replaces alcohol with organic alcohol from grains. A surprisingly warm and simultaneously cool alchemy with notes of cardamom, cedar, sage oil, lavender and sandalwood.

Aqua di Parma, Colonia Essenza

Soft and fruity but with the right dose of elegance, this woody fragrance is dedicated to every gentleman. A refined and elegant fragrance that embodies the essence of Italian elegance, luxury and style through notes of vetiver, neroli, rosemary, sage, bergamot and clove.

Tom Ford, Οmbre Leather 16

An unexpected fragrant creation with the signature of Tom Ford. A luxurious addiction to seduction and eroticism that perfumes your every day, making it uniquely different. A rare alchemy that explores the olfactory passions which awaken the essence of skin when flirting with violet leaf and cardamom. Sampak jasmine, moss and patchouli lift off this particular blend that stands out in the world of perfumery, claiming the title of aromatic pleasure.