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Iconic Item

Philippos Theodorides and his treasured grandfather’s OMEGA watch

Cyprus – born and art fed, Philippos studied Art for the Community at the University of Surrey, Roehampton in London from 1999-2002, before going on to study painting at the School of fine arts in Athens from 2003-2008. He is one of the most distinctive young talents of his generation and IIWT is a big fan of his work. He chose to share with us his beloved watch.

In what state do we find you, creatively?

My sixth solo exhibition is currently on at Martinos Gallery in Athens, I have just finished two projects that included animation, one for Piraeus Bank and a music video for a children’s song. I am currently working on a project with a big company in Greece designing their calendar for 2017 and I am also designing the window for a jewelry shop in Kolonaki. As soon as I finish with all of this I have to start preparing for another solo exhibition in April 2017.

What do you most like to draw?

Anything that attracts my attention and stimulates my imagination.

Favorite artists?

Hockney, Picasso, De Kooning, Matisse, Kitaj.

Favorite movie?

They are so many..Rushmore by Wes Anderson and The Godfather by F.F Coppola come to mind.



The huge abstract paintings of Richard Diebenkorn, I still haven’t figured out how he made them.


Everything by Led Zeppelin.

Favorite ritual?

Drinks after work.


Ralph Steadman.

Graffiti artist?

I don’t like graffiti.

What has defined you, aesthetically?

60s and 70s music, 50s paintings, contemporary literature, traditional food and almost everything in London where I studied.

How would you describe your style?

I don’t know if I have a style and if it has a name, being inspired by everyday life and liking strong colors, I would say Expressive Pop, sometimes abstract and other times with an obsession to detail.

When did you finally find your personal touch?

I am still struggling, I guess that the way I was drawing since I was at school has not changed, and by that I mean the way I perceived things. It’s just that I am now learning new techniques that allow me to express myself in a similar way. Also, I always liked color and I knew how to use it so painting came naturally for me.


How about your personal style?

I think before graduating from the school of fine arts I tryied to combine pop art and drawing with graphic andillustration elements. But a style is not something I want to achieve, I want to change and try new things. I don’t have any obsessions and I get bored very easily, so I experiment a lot. There is a distinct element, I hope, in anything I do, but nothing that is repeated and stays monotonous and plain.

What is your relationship with fashion?

I look at what people wear and I’m very interested in choosing what I wear very carefully. I think that what someone chooses to wear shows a lot about how he thinks and feels.

Biggest splurge?

My Vespa.

Best fashion investment?

My brown, handmade Raparo shoes and a Dept. B limited edition Barbour jacket.

Cheapest item in your closet?

Round neck plain t-shirts.


How does your job influence the way you dress?

It’s not my job that influences the way I dress, but the way I perceive a general aesthetic in life. For example, I think that everything is linked, what we eat how we choose to eat, and this stretches to the music we like, the books we read, the way we dress. One of the most annoying things is bad taste, because it shows lack of interest for things, it has to do with education in a way _or, rather, lack of.

What icons are your style inspirations?

I love the classic style of actors like Grecory Peck and Cary Grant but I also love the innovative style of men, the mix and match that comes out of New York, London and Milan.

Do you follow the trends, do they interest you?

I think I always wear dark blue and black and I add up a color or two, I am quite conservative you might say. I think I am still wearing my school uniform. I might notice a new trend but I will not engage in it if it doesn’t suit me, I don’t think I was ever a fashion victim.

What is this watch to you?

My mother gave this watch to me after my grandfather died. I think he would have liked me to have it. I was very close to my grandfather. He was very stylish, always wearing well-tailored suits, driving a yellow BMW 2002 and he would always wear this Omega watch, which I think he bought in the late 60s. I think I was very inspired by the way he was dressed.

How do you like to wear it?

I usually wear it both with casual or formal outfits.

What do you think will be its future? Who will you give it to, if you do?

Oh I guess if I ever have a son or a daughter, I will pass it on!