Styling: Sofia Tsakiri
Photographer: Panos Davios
Words by Eleni Papaioannou

A few hours before the dawn of the New Year, one last word on tuxedos, dressing according to your body type and some great celebrity inspirations to follow!!!

It’s right there, in your closet, steam-pressed and ready to party. Your tux is about to make an entrance to the best party in town, giving you the style points that will introduce you to the New Year in great form and even greater spirits. Lets make a last minute rerun and check if you got it right. If not, don’t worry, these is still time. So, what is the ideal tux for your body type?

·If you are tall and muscular, a one-button jacket will make your waist look thinner. Furthermore, a style with thinner lapels will further elongate your body type, as will a narrow tie instead of a bow tie. Select narrow leg trousers for a leaner appearance but keep in mind that pleated ones may be more comfortable.
·Are you short and thin? Stay away from double-breasted jackets, shawl collars, and four button jackets and look for a style with a low button stance. Avoid narrow trousers and follow this amazing tip: ask your tailor to let the trouser length longer in the back, in order to eliminate the trousers breaking in the front, making you look shorter.
·If you have added some extra weight, a one or two button shawl collar jacket with narrow lapels and a low button stance will create a thinning effect. Avoid double-breasted jackets, since the additional fabric will simply add bulk to your body.
·Trousers with slim legs are a better choice than pleated trousers, since you need to eliminate as much fabric as possible that might ad bulk. Select a narrow tie to elongate your figure and steer away from the buffet!

*As an extra treat, we have decoded, just for you, our tuxedo style icons to get inspiration and ideas from:


Long hair, a beard, white lace ups or sneakers and a tux in eccentric colors such as ice blue or shocking pink. You too can pull it off if you are very well groomed, you are –or look- in your twenties and your lifestyle allows for nonchalance.


Thin, fashionable and daring, his tuxedo looks vary from model-like to nerdy, always on the cutting edge of the latest trends.


Black trousers, white jacket, proper, clean-cut looks and a wicked smile. This is the perfect make of our ideal, old school chap who knows the rules, follows them but, then again, who knows? He might blow it all to smithereens in seconds, if he feels like it. You know, Cary Grant style.


He is all- American but exudes Italian charm in the most classic way. His three-piece tuxes are always wide-lapelled, formal and perfect. He looks as if he could run a marathon in them and that is the best promise for a great party night!


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