Safety net

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Safety net

Photographer: Panos Davios (10AM)
Words by Eleni Skalkotou

Why should we wear sunscreen every day? What is the ideal SPF and how does it protect us? Here you will find all you need to know about a safe tan.

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Why should we use sunscreen?
The sun is a source of energy and life for all living organisms as it participates in the synthesis of vitamin D. It affects our mood by triggering the production of pleasure hormones and gives us a coveted, golden color. On the other hand, it is responsible for the highest rate of aging of the skin as well as for other skin diseases, such as melanoma. Protection from ultraviolet radiation must strictly cover the whole spectrum of UV rays. This means sunscreen is not just a cream to use on holidays but rather a necessary skin health medicine. A lifeguard for the skin that should be used not only when we go to the beach but 365 days a year.

How do we choose the right SPF protection grade?
SPF determines the time that one can stay in the sun without getting sunburned. With a SPF 20 sunscreen it is covered 20 times more than if it were nude. SPF is chosen according to the color of the skin, and the season. Light skin needs high indexes (SPF 30+) and darker skin needs lower (SPF 20). But remember, there is no sunscreen that completely protects against ultraviolet radiation.

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What should we look for in the sunscreen composition?
Sophisticated sunscreen compositions with antioxidants and moisturizers protect us from sunlight and enable us to enjoy the sun safely. The new generation of sunscreens has become the No. 1 skin care line for a healthy face that is protected from free radicals and the destruction of DNA of cells caused by UV rays, thanks to antioxidant factors. At the same time, moisturizer-enhanced formulas help make your tan more intense and shiny, while caring for your skin.

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Which spots are more sensitive to the sun?
The nose, ears and lips are particularly sensitive. Also, it is important not to forget the neck and the soles of your feet!

How long does SPF protection last?
It depends on the type of sunscreen, the skin, the time of day, the season, etc. Additional parameters are sun sensitivity and time it takes your skin to get tanned. Sunscreen protects from about 10 minutes to 5 hours. However, you should use the product properly: apply a sufficient quantity of 2mg per square centimeter of skin (ie half a teaspoon) and of course renew regurarly (every 2 hours) because with sweat, exercise and swimming the effectiveness of your cream is reduced. Always keep in mind that some sunscreen products are not intended to extend exposure time, but to limit the risk of exposure within reasonable limits.

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Sunscreen cream or oil?
For those who cannot imagine the summer without oil and the aroma of coconut, the new generation of sunscreens ensures tanning and protection at the same time. Now we can have it all: tropical aroma, enjoyable texture and adequate protection. Their advanced formulations are perfectly comparable to sunscreen lotions, as the skin protection markers pamper the skin and protect it against aging.
For beach sports lovers or for those who are just to lazy to apply their sunscreen, try using sunscreens in a spray form that offer easy and fast application.