Fresh Eau de Toilette What does being cool mean?

It’s an attitude, without a doubt. But it’s more about overcoming constraints and finding your own place. Can a perfume be cool? Definitely, if it rises to the challenge of being fresh, nonchalant and… free.
The new Sauvage Very Cool Spray pulls it off, with a new interpretation of Sauvage Eau de Toilette by Dior Perfumer-Creator François Demachy, for a new, manly and direct application technique. This audacious composition is neither a derivative nor a light version of the Sauvage scent, but rather a free, nomadic variant that modulates freshness and removes the mystique of perfume application in a single, cool, wild spray.

An original technical process for an on-the-go, perfume

How does Sauvage Very Cool Spray go about inventing a new way of applying perfume?
Quite simply by breaking the usual, and often sophisticated, rules of the perfume ritual.

This new composition is housed in an innovative elegant casing that is robust, yet light and portable. Leaving men’s bathrooms behind, it travels freely, inviting men to wear perfume wherever they want, whenever they want. Sauvage Very Cool Spray is a solid, handy travel companion that can go anywhere, tossed into a bag, or slipped into a pocket.
In the end, Sauvage Very Cool Spray with its inverted “upside down” bottle calls for a generous, cool, manly and uninhibited perfume application at any moment. The sensation of freshness is intense and immediate.
«The innovative technical process of Sauvage Very Cool Spray really set the creative direction for me. In particular, the original, powerful micro-diffusion spray was a decisive factor when I was working on the fragrance. This profusion at the point of spray prompted me to rework the composition balance. I also liked the idea of a handy, portable product that is a pleasure to use on a daily basis.»

The essence of Sauvage in a new creation

Not entirely the same, nor quite another… this new Sauvage provides original fragrance nuances while retaining its intense freshness. François Demachy emphasized from the beginning that Sauvage Very Cool Spray was created neither as a lighter version of Sauvage, nor indeed as a Cologne.

The revolutionary packaging of this on-the-go bottle was the starting point for his fragrance creation. As Sauvage Very Cool Spray was destined to travel and roam unhindered, the composition had to remain faithful to Sauvage’s fresh and powerful scent, while encouraging generous, unquantified application, freed from all constraint.

The Perfumer-Creator therefore decided to interpret Sauvage by streamlining it without compromising its signature.

The opening is still marked by an immediate and manly fresh rush of Calabrian Bergamot. Combined with an accentuated Grapefruit note, the composition plays a sharp catchy tune of effusive and camphoric Lavandin, perfecting the sensation of “clean” and well-being.

Sauvage Very Cool Spray is as fresh as it is expressive, outlining the essence of the Sauvage composition while imbuing it with a certain nonchalance. « Although Sauvage Very Cool Spray is as “direct” a composition as the Eau de Toilette, I saw it as a way of highlighting Sauvage’s structure. I wanted to reveal its framework and its essence, so that this search for lightness and freshness remained a strong signature. »

François Demachy,
Dior Perfumer-Creato