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Cotton Printed Shirt By Winfield, Cotton Chino Trousers By Kaiser/Hoff Collection And Leather Belt By Kaiser/Hoff Collection, All Available At Vardas / Golden Hall.
Trussardi Jeans
Cotton Printed Shirt And Cotton Bermuda Shorts Both By Trussardi Jeans, Available At Notos galleries.


Shirt notice

Photographer: Panos Davios (10AM)
Styling: Sofia Tsakiri
Model: Vasilis Mihas (VN Model Management)

The sexiest thing around is a rolled up summer shirt. The trick is to know what to wear it with…

Hackett London
Cotton Slim Fit Printed Shirt By Hackett London And Luxury Denim Trousers Aston Martin Racing By Hackett London, Both Available At Shop&Trade.
Tommy Hilfiger
Cotton Paisley Shirt New York Fit And ”Denton Chino” Trousers Made With Organic Cotton Both By Tommy Hilfiger, Available At Tommy Hilfiger/ Golden Hall & Sarkk, Tommy Hilfiger. Leather Bracelet By Countess Wilhemina, Available At i-D Concept Stores.

You know them, you have seen them in so many movies, familiarized yourself with them while growing up, especially if we are talking about the seventies, tried them on in various combinations, especially if we are talking about the nineties.

This summer, the printed shirt is back with a vengeance. Carrying its nineties allure along for the ride, now it has finally found its place in your wardrobe, creating elegant and easy combinations with simple, white or beige trousers or Bermuda shorts. Jeans and cargo pants are also an option, once you get ahead of your game and you have mastered the art of subtle co-existence between different fabrics and styles.

Cotton Slim Fit Shirt And Denim Trousers Both By Nautica, Available At Notos galleries.
Pepe Jeans London
Cotton Slim Fit Floral Shirt By Pepe Jeans London And Cotton Bermuda Shorts By Hackett London, Both Available At Shop&Trade. Leather Bracelet By Countess Wilhemina, Available At i-D Concept Stores.


· The all time classic hawaian shirt, now back with a little less fuss and a little more graphic depictions. Why not play James Bond by the pool, with a pair of straight white shorts?
· Paisley used to be related with heavy, winter fabrics. Once you try on a shirt with a black and white paisley print, however, you will feel the hipster vibe in the best of senses. Mind you, you have to make sure you keep everything simple and, if possible, drop the belt.
· Flower always has power. Tiny little bouquets that bring back the grunge feel are now treated as unique pieces that need extra attention and great tailoring.
· Polka dot shirts will never be out of style so, if you don’t already own one, go ahead and get yours. There are not many styles more elegant than a tiny polka dot shirt with a white pair of trousers and simple, black slip ons.