Photos Panos Davios
Styling Sofia Tsakiri
Words By Eleni Papaioannou

Proper dressing manners never hurt anyone.

You love the color, you have desired it to become a key piece in your wardrobe but, until today, there was a limit to what you imagined it would look good with. Now is the time to own it and flaunt it, as this silk blazer in deep mushroom brown is just what the fashion doctor ordered for those sartorial blues of the midseason. So, how does one go about sporting a silk number without looking too posh?

· Brown always goes well with blue, just look at this cotton shirt supporting the depth of the blazer. The softer the brown the lighter the blue, even though, in a different occasion, it wouldn’t hurt us to see this jacket with a lovely dark denim shirt. Just not in the workplace, if you may.
· Of course the tie is knitted, what did you expect? Sure, you can go out in a tie with a typical fabric, but this one right here is the best wingman for the structured weaving of your blazer. And your jacket certainly deserves all the support it can handle.
· Your trousers can be a totally different fabric and color tone, just as long as they agree to a second part in the play that is your outfit. Remember, the blazer acts central stage so anyone else who tries to steal the show stays out of the picture. Yes, we would even see a nice pair of jeans with this blazer, no, however, not today.


Silk Blazer Jacket By Kaiser/Hoff Collection, Cotton Shirt By Manseta, Wool Trousers By Landini Collections, Leather Loafers By Kaiser/Hoff Collection, All Available at Vardas/Golden Hall.