Suits you right


Suits you right

Photos Panos Davios
Styling Sofia Tsakiri
Words By Eleni Papaioannou

Your everyday suit can become your second, comfortable skin.

There is a big difference between dress suits, tuxes and everyday ensembles. The latter are sometimes mistreated as second degree clothes, ones you need not pay that much attention to. “After all”, you think, “who will judge me while I am working my head off? It’s the dressy occasions that count, right?” Well, that’s where we are usually wrong. An everyday consistency of your good sartorial manners, a loyal approach to specific aesthetics and a keen eye for little exquisite details are the key to an overall stylish persona you need to create and keep, especially if you are a grown up and not some rebellious teenager still going through fads and twists.

What a decent, everyday suit needs, is a good attitude and some are minor moves:

· Your shirt doesn’t have to be a thin, cotton blend. It can be thick, so as to keep you warm, and maybe have a pattern woven into it, like this pinstripe number we have chosen today.

· Your jacket will need to be slightly wider than usual, so you can wear a sweater, knitted vest or blouse, that will leave some room for your shirt to show its details but still keep you cozy.

· You can even replace your jacket with a cardigan, in which case you should, of course, drop the sweater or blouse. One knitted number at a time, you guys, only women and a very few men can pull off wool layering…

· Oxford shoes are a must for your everyday suit, as they bring a much-needed classiness to the set. However, since you are in your more casual nature, a color similar to the one on your blouse or cardigan will be highly appropriate.


Wool 100% Suit Mauro Boano, Cotton Pinstripe Shirt and 100% Merino Polo Neck Blouse by Don Hering, and Leather Oxford shoes by Mauro Boano, All by Vardas, Available at Vardas Golden Hall, 37A Kifissias Street.