Styling: Natasha Lionaki
Photographer: Panos Davios
Words by Eleni Papaioannou

Once considered a uniform, with only lazy blacks and blues thrown in the mix, the suit is finally enjoying the spotlight during a season of maximalism, daring mismatching and bold color choices.

Yes you can have it all and, yes, it looks pretty awesome when you combine your suit’s details with a fearless attitude and a daring, fashion conscious approach.

·The quirkiness of this check-patterned suit is celebrated through its simplicity. When you make a bold statement with the pattern of your suit, it is safe to follow the simple lines of a single-breasted jacket with straight-legged trousers. This is but a smart way to make a statement without being loud and noisy.
·Oh pink, why are you pink? The Juliette to your suit’s Romeo, a pink colored shirt will bring out all the softness of your look, with an attitude more manly than all those light blues put together.

·Tie me up. For a look that does not tie you down, choose a knitted tie with bright colors and a strong personality that does not look around it for recognition and appreciation.
·Don’t be square! This silk pocket square looks like it has come out from nowhere! It doesn’t match the tie; it doesn’t even follow the color palette of the suit. Then, why is it so perfect? Exactly.
·These brogues are a lesson to be taught to any man who believes formal business attire needs to be strict and, well, uncomfortable. In beautiful black leather and lovely, round soles, they support the rest of your look with their classic charm and their impeccable fashion manners.



Hackett Mayfair Classic Wool Windowpane Suit By Hackett London, available at Shop & Trade.
Shirt By DsQuared2, available at Eponymo E>More.
Knitted Tie And Bright Signature Stripe Silk Pocket Square By Paul Smith, available at Attica.
Leather Belt By Tommy Hilfiger, available at Tommy Hilfiger Stores.
Watch “SWATCHOUR”, The Swatch Group Greece S.A., available at
Black Leather Brogues By DOUCAL’S,
available at RITZI.
RITZI: 17 Kanari & 1 Solonos, Kolonaki. Tel. 210-3390180