Creative envy





Words by Eleni Papaioannou

He is one of the very few top fashion photographers in Greece today, a talent that has made his mark, both in the pages of magazines and galleries, with a unique approach to color, angles and story telling. No one loves style more than him, and his models and co-workers send back the love, giving him all they got, every time he picks up the camera and shouts “YES!!!”

Who’s work inspires you?
I get inspiration from many things, not only fashion but Art, Literature, music, Cinema, people, etc. If I have to mention one man, that would be Velasquez or Vermeer.

Favorite subject?
Young, skinny women.

Best model?
Right now, Ruth Bell.

Who discovered you?
Nobody, I forced myself in.

How did you transition from stylist to photographer?
I was a stylist due to lack of confidence to take the camera. When I felt ready, I took the step.

Which designer’s clothes are the best to photograph?
Comme des Garcons.

And whose are the most difficult to capture on camera?


Black and white or color?
Both, depends on the mood of the story.

Fashion or portraits?

Has anyone in the business made you feel intimidated?
Yes, when I was less experienced, clients and celebrities. I do not allow it anymore.

What is the worst criticism you have encountered and by whom?
Recently, from a neophyte wannabe, photographer – aspiring “art director”, who had the audacity to say to me that one of my stories lacked consistency.

Where do you find inspiration today?
In everything that is “raw”.

What talent do you envy?
The talent of creating effortlessly.


You get commissioned for a lot of work abroad. What is it like, being Greek and working with people from other countries?
Fashion is international, doesn’t operate on a local level. It is therefore a smooth procedure, as long as there’s no language barrier.

Which work are you most proud of?
I have many, can’t really be specific, depends on my mood.

Have you ever been star struck with any of your subjects?
Yes, when I shot Natalia Vodianova a few years ago.

How would you describe your personal style?
Emotional, effortless, sensual, simple, unpretentious, relevant, contemporary, direct.

Do you listen to music when you work?
When I am shooting, usually not. When I work at home always.


I have heard you scream out words when you photograph someone. Care to share some?
some would be: nice, brilliant, no, chin down, more attitude, yes, etc.

What icons do you trust in?
In all the things and people that inspire me. From the portraits of Fayum to Debussy and Proust to Charles James, Yves Saint Laurent and Millicent Rogers to David Bowie.