The confidant


The confidant

Styling: Sofia Tsakiri
Photographer: Panos Davios
Words by Eleni Papaioannou

You know Italians do it better. But how do they do it?

After all the black and white outfits of the season’s weddings, awards and general festivities, aren’t you just craving for some relaxed elegance, in a soft and smooth combination of grays that will get you out about town and into the mood for some fine cocktailing? This “in-between” season, when all the fashion weeks start all over again, is the perfect excuse for some experimenting. Get out of your comfort zone; drop your typical blazer-shirt look and dive into some fine Italian dressing. We give you the map, you take the wheel:

· Wen going for that Italian style, (almost) always opt for a double-breasted blazer. The extra fabric will give your outfit some serious depth and it looks great when you gesture or put your hands in your pockets. Think about it…
· Choose three different shades of the same color palette and play around, making sure the lighter ones stay low, on the base of your outfit, i.e. your trousers. Yes, this rule goes totally against what you have safely been following, but see how great it looks? Go ahead, try it yourself.
· Once you got the right three-shade combination, splash a little color. Be it on a tie or a pocket square, it doesn’t matter, just as long as it is a warm color and it complements your general look.
· Come to think of it, drop the tie. And the shirt. Go Italian all the way by wearing a nice turtleneck sweater. It should be warm enough to keep you comfortable but thin enough to allow room to move in. You know, for the forth-mentioned gestures…
· There is no better way to complete an all-Italian look than ordering a lovely aperitivo, like this orangey cocktail. Salute!



50ml Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva

10ml Monin Blood Orange Syrup

10ml Benedictine

20ml Lime fresh

20ml Monin Gomme

2 wedges fresh pink grapefruit

-Press the grapefruit into a shaker, add all the ingredients over ice and shake well. Fine strain in a cocktail glass and garnish with a caramelized Blood Orange Wedge.


A magnificent view of Kastella and a sense of refined luxury make Tony’s Bar one of our favorite places. Not to mention the 250 different labels and delicious cocktails, or the genuine Italian pizza that arrives straight from Tony’s little brother, the Tony Bonanno Trattoria.


Relaxed wool chino trousers by COS, Available at

Double breasted wool blazer by Gutteridge, Available at

Grey wool turtleneck by Zara, Available at Zara Stores