Photos Panos Davios
Styling Sofia Tsakiri
Words By Eleni Papaioannou

Get your nerd vibe on and win every fashion bet, one detail at a time.

There is always a different way to put on a suit, another character to build on, new and fresh details to invest in. In just a matter of seconds, you can transform a look and give it an angle that suits your mood, your day and what you want to communicate with the world around you. Today we took the chance and tried on something completely different than what we are used to, here at IIWT. This is not your typical corporate type, neither the casual, carefree weekender. This is a statement, a study on little touches of brilliance. Check it out and make it your own:

· A gray suit is such a transformative investment that it can support even the wildest of your style dreams. Here it becomes the ideal base of quiet assertiveness that brings forth the boldness of the details that make up the look.
· A polka dot shirt is your number one bet when opting for a sophisticated, studious look, such as this one right here. Make the pattern a very small and discreet one, so discreet that knowing eyes only acknowledge it.
· When you create a nerdy look, you have plenty of room for eccentricities. Here we kept it very risk-free, so you can adapt it to your everyday life without hesitation. That doesn’t mean you can’t set yourself loose on your shoes, for example. Pick a pair with a wild and contemporary color, go ahead and make that surprise move that will steer you away from boredom-town.
· We adore tie bars and we have a crazy fetish for suspenders. But, to play with these babies you have to stick by the rules: A medium width, straight tie will give you the parallel effect that will let your suspenders blend right in. A tie bar is usually an extravagance, in this case however, it is so discreet that, combined with the open angled collar, it brings the essential balance to the look.
· The glasses are optional, they do, however, complete the look. So go for a pair that complements your face features without screaming for attention _unless you are a creative director in an ad firm, or someone who always dresses this way and can support the look. If you are only giving it a little go, be cautious and thank us later, when you collect all the compliments in the meeting room.


Grey 100% Wool Suit And Cotton Polka Dot Shirt, all by Hackett London, Available at Shop & Trade.

Glasses, Silk Herringbone Tie and Tie Clip (Harris’ wαrdrobe)

Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch ”Blue Maximus” from the A Traveler’s Dream Collection by Swatch, Available at The Swatch Group Greece S.A,

Leather oxford shoes by Kaiser/Hoff Collection, Available at Vardas, Golden Hall, 37A Kifissias Street.