Photos Panos Davios
Styling Sofia Tsakiri
Words By Eleni Papaioannou

Consider your outfit as the perfect setting for a great day and, at the end of it, simply relax and enjoy the outcome.

You know by now that great style needs some fine-tuning, no matter how much you are born with it, and looking effortless demands some very well thought-out planning that, when it is good, you cannot even fathom it. This outfit we created has some details that produce a blended and unified result, a total look of easy elegance and cool assertiveness. Let us take your hand and guide you through it, step by step:

· The suit is so meticulous and refined, that it is hard to cross your mind it is made of wool. This is, however, the detail that makes all the difference. A wool suit will “stay” on the body far better than any other fabric, and its excellent material will bring out all the little details that make it unique. Just look at the fine, thin lapels of the jacket, and you will get the picture.
· “Two on one” should be your rule of thumb if you don’t know how to play around accessories. So, if you decide to wear both a tie and a pocket square together with your shirt, be sure to match two of them, leaving the third out of the game, free to play around with color and patterns. What we did here was to match the pocket square to the shirt and let the tie follow its own rules. If we had decided to match the tie to the square, it would be the shirt that would do the playing around…
· What applies to wool suits also has to do with knitted ties. They have become a sort of a classic and are the most versatile kind of tie you can bet on.
· Oxfords or brogues? Slip-ons or lace-ups? Whatever your shoe affinity, you can never go wrong if you bet on a pair made with suede leather.
· We know we are getting a bit out of line, here, but isn’t it just perfect when you match your outfit to your drink? Laugh all you want, but do agree with us on how right this Diplomatico Great Truffle cocktail looks with this suit. Yes, we got matching down to perfection, we know.

THE DRINK: Great Truffle

40ml Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva

30ml Dolin Rouge

15ml Dolin Dry

In a mixing glass stir all the ingredients over ice. Strain into a compete glass & garnish with one drop of truffle oil.


Wool Touch Suit by River And Blake, Cotton Herringbone Shirt by Μauro Boano And Silk Knitted Tie all by Vardas, Available at Vardas, Golden Hall. Suede Loafers With Decorated Motif by Brooks Brothers, Available at Brooks Brothers Boutiques, Athens Stadiou 4 & Amerikis Str, City Link, Attica: Panepistimiou 9 Str,  Marousi Attica, Golden Hall: Kifisias Avenue 37A