Touch Zero One


The new Swatch Touch Zero One kicks off with Five Worlds in One: 5 innovative worlds full of new thrills and chills for players and fans of Beach Volleyball:
HIT, CLAP, STEP, COACH and TIME. Explore them all on your wrist and dig even deeper with the free Swatch Touch Zero One App.

Swatch and Beach Volleyball are life partners, and now Swatch Touch Zero One gives you finger­fun access to 5 Worlds in One, with a lot more information on the free App.

Untitled-1 And here they are—the 5 worlds:

HIT – Strap your Touch Zero One to your active playing hand. In the heat of the game, the built­in sensor records the number of hits and shows the power of each one on the watch display. When the match is over, dig deeper with the Swatch Touch Zero One App for extra info and statistics – including calories burned, the average hit power and a breakdown of the different kinds of hits.

CLAP – You’re in the stands or the sand and you’re doing all you can to encourage your team – put power in your claps to show your support and make as much noise as possible! The Touch Zero One display shows the total number of claps and the average power of your applause on a scale of 01 to 99. Check the App for an overview.

STEP – Touch Zero One counts your steps, plus calories burned, distance traveled and activity time – all on your wrist. Hook up to the App for a graphical activity overview: how many steps walking vs. how many running; total calories burned; 31­day step counter memory. On the watch, you can set a daily step goal in kilometers or miles.

COACH – Coach is the guy who motivates and rewards you — with an ice cream cone if you reach your daily step goal: and the closer you get, the bigger the ice cream! To spur you on, the App lets you choose between 3 built­in coaches with different personalities and motivational styles: LAZY DUDE, TOUGH GUY or SUPERHERO.

TIME – No matter where you are, you’re in the world of time, and like every Swatch Touch, the Touch Zero One has 6 functions: time 1, time 2, date, alarm, chrono (stopwatch) and timer. You can also use the App to set time 1, time 2, date and alarm and to choose different ringtones.

On top of everything, Swatch Touch Zero One is a Swatch, so there’s no need to charge it up every night. The standard Swatch battery lasts for months and months.
Swatch Touch Zero One hits the sands in Klagenfurt, Austria for the official launch at the 2015 CEV A1 Beach Volleyball European Championship Final presented by Swatch, set for 28 July ­ 2 August. The Swatch Beach Volleyball Proteam athletes have been giving the new Touch Zero One an action­packed workout in the run­up to the launch:
Swiss Proteam athletes Joana Heidrich and Nadine Zumkehr are enthusiastic fans of the new model: “The watch is a lot of fun and for that reason alone it’s worthwhile. The info on the different hits can be valuable for our training, too, allowing us to measure and compare our performance over time.”
Austria’s Proteam Beach Volleyballers Clemens Doppler and Alexander Horst also explored the 5 Worlds in One: “With the HIT function we now have an objective measurement of the actual ball touches, which allows us to manage our training better.”

Swatch Touch Zero One: 5 Worlds in One full of pure joie de vivre, amazing innovation and the positively provocative spirit of Swatch. With all the Touch features you already enjoy — curved touch screen, built­in backlight, finger­tap and side­swipe navigation — plus the latest in trendy, beach­smart Swatch design.

The Swatch Touch Zero One App is downloadable for free. It runs on Android (Bluetooth®­Version 4.0LE, Android 4.4 or higher) and iOS (iPhone 5 or higher running the latest software version). Increase the fun and sync your Touch Zero One with the App to make the most of your time on the courts, in the stands or anywhere in the 5 Worlds in One.