Training Day


Training Day

Photos Panos Davios
Styling Sofia Tsakiri
Words By Eleni Papaioannou

Get your sneaker freak on!

Whether you went through your own “Stranger Things” phase, growing up in the eighties, or you just love the quirky athletic style of the era, this mini collection of old school trainers we have mashed up for you today will give you some great inspiration before heading out to find your perfect summer pair. Take a step back and enjoy, here is some much needed advise on how to wear
– and tear your pair.

· Never rely on one single pair of trainers to last you a whole season long. Spend it well and invest in two or three pairs that you will change depending on your outfits and keep your shoes new for twice or three times longer.
· Do not wear sneakers with eveningwear trousers. The clash that is created is neither flattering nor cool.
· Want to achieve the perfect eighties geek look? Re-watch any old film starring Tom Hanks, especially “Big” and “The man with one red shoe”. Yes, the forth-mentioned shoe is a trainer…
· Do not hide your sneakers underneath long, wide legged jeans. Find a pair that stops right where the curve of your shoe starts and, if necessary, roll them up nicely.
· Chinos also look great with sneakers, these eighties inspired numbers in particular.
· Once in a while it’s okay to splurge on an expensive, designer pair that uplifts your looks but remember, the closer to their original state, the better for the street credibility of your outfit.


From Left To Right, Pepe Jeans, Available at Shop&Trade, Hackett, Available at Shop&Trade, Diadora, Available at Shop&Trade, Diadora, Available at Shop&Trade, Tommy Hilfiger, Available at Tommy Hilfiger/ Golden Hall, Gant, Available at Notos galleries.